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lob (something) at

1. To hurl or toss something at someone or something, especially in a long, high arc. He started lobbing snowballs at the kids across the street. Stop lobbing dirt at our neighbors' house!
2. To attack, question, or criticize someone verbally. The reporter started lobbing questions at the CEO about his alleged ties to organized crime. A heckler in the audience kept lobbing insults at the comic for most of his routine.
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lob something at someone or something

to throw or toss something at someone or something. Who lobbed this thing at me? They lobbed a stone at the cat, but that only made it mad.
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About 15 minutes later, two men on board a motorcycle lobbed an IED in front of Infinity KTV Music Lounge at Archbishop Reyes Street in Barangay Kasambagan but it didn't explode.
With confidence high, Westend took the lead when Van Leeuwen raced on to a through ball and lobbed the keeper.
The men burst into the camp, lobbed a grenade and began firing automatic rifles at pilgrims preparing for the trek uphill to the Amarnath shrine, where the Hindu god Shiva is worshipped.
The two men, however, later lobbed a hand grenade at the Alviola residence.
Lobbing him seemed like a geometric impossibility and Karlovic was left insisting he 'had never been lobbed like that before'.
But in 61 minutes McLaren lobbed from the centre circle and beat Smith.
But they couldn't find it and their hearts sank when McKenna lobbed Nelson to make it all square.
Despite tight defending by the leaders, Gornal tried to make a game of it as Daryl Stanway lobbed in on 70 minutes.
Liam Lawrence put Mansfield ahead and just four minutes into the second half Chris Greenacre lobbed in from 20 yards.
Summary: Kulgam (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Feb 06 (ANI): Terrorists lobbed a grenade at a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) camp here on Wednesday, injuring one security personnel.
Five persons - including a special child - were injured when an unidentified man lobbed a hand grenade at a house in Carmen, North Cotabato - where a village official was dining with friends Friday night, police said.
He lobbed over nine points with five coming from frees but this was no one man performance.
And two minutes into the second half the home side knocked in their second when Bradford returned a pass to striker Ian Harty who coolly lobbed Willie McCulloch.
His cross was missed by Booth but Peter Atherton lobbed the ball back over Branagan for the equaliser.
The Shrews were gifted a goal in the 25th minute when Mick Bodley lobbed his own keeper, Bart Griemink.