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float a loan

Fig. to get a loan of money; to arrange for a loan of money. I couldn't afford to pay cash for the car, so I floated a loan. They needed money, so they had to float a loan.
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loan something to someone

to lend something to someone. (Considered to be an error for lend.) Can you loan a few bucks to Sam and me? I will not loan anything to you.
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on loan (from someone or something)

[of possession] temporarily granted by someone or some group. This lovely painting is on loan from the Kimble Museum for the rest of the year.
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take out a loan

to get a loan of money, especially from a bank. Mary took out a loan to buy a car. We will have to take out a loan to remodel the kitchen.
See also: loan, out, take

loan out

To lend something; loan something: I loaned out my cookbook to my neighbor. The school loaned a computer out to us.
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He gave me a loaner car, and everything seemed fine.
Denver-based InstaKeyLock Corporation has introduced a key exchange box that makes it easier to secure loaner keys at commercial buildings and uses any industry-standard rim cylinder.
CDF's loaner program allows students at Palomar to experience "exotic hardwoods" and prime themselves on "urban wood utilization," according to Eric Oldar, a regional field specialist at CDF.
Finance and managerial accounting students can check out loaner copies of the required texts for Sacramento City College professor Greg Burbage's courses as well as view his "Study Notes for Financial Accounting.
They can combine with a local gun club to sponsor training, offer loaner guns, refreshments, that type of thing.
Having BABY-1 makes it easier to operate the centers because it acts as a mobile storage area for needed demonstration and loaner seats.
Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, an arm of the Boat Owners Association of the United States, Alexandria, Virginia, developed a life jacket loaner program in 1997.
Provide residents in need of amplification with a loaner hearing aid until more permanent arrangements were made
Although most shooters bring their own equipment, loaner guns are available.
Finding loaner furniture to substitute for late deliveries, helping the contractor work around piles of debris during a garbage strike, or appeasing local neighborhood coalitions are all in a day's work.
Great Literature Plus, Monarch Notes, Multimedia World History and Multimedia US History are available with either 10-user or 2-9-user network licenses and free loaner copies at discount rate.
As part of the Storage Crisis Lifeline program, Spectra Logic will ship a free loaner library to severely affected customers who are unable to utilize their existing tape library or perform data restores.
The loaner will be of the same type and style of equipment that was removed.
The new facility will offer 150,000 square feet of operational space for advanced mechanical inspection, loaner kit processing, bone/tissue storage, packaging services, and distribution.