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float a loan

Fig. to get a loan of money; to arrange for a loan of money. I couldn't afford to pay cash for the car, so I floated a loan. They needed money, so they had to float a loan.
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loan something to someone

to lend something to someone. (Considered to be an error for lend.) Can you loan a few bucks to Sam and me? I will not loan anything to you.
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on loan (from someone or something)

[of possession] temporarily granted by someone or some group. This lovely painting is on loan from the Kimble Museum for the rest of the year.
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take out a loan

to get a loan of money, especially from a bank. Mary took out a loan to buy a car. We will have to take out a loan to remodel the kitchen.
See also: loan, out, take

loan out

To lend something; loan something: I loaned out my cookbook to my neighbor. The school loaned a computer out to us.
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Wireless Internet access and Microsoft Office software on all loaner computers
Custom ERP solutions, including loaner kit processing, web tracking, and sales order entry
Some of the cost-effective solutions offered by experienced outsourcing companies include field inventory auditing, repackaging, instrument recycling, and loaner kit processing and distribution.
Loaner kit program management and loaner kit expediting
The vehicles' lives as service department loaner cars ensures that these vehicles are relatively low mileage units and have been maintained by the experts at Chevrolet of Naperville.
Millstone currently operates a 40,000-square-foot facility in Fall River, MA, with service offerings including advanced validation engineering, advanced inspection, laser marking, cleaning and passivation, sterile and non-sterile packaging, as well as distribution and loaner processing.
SUMMIT specializes in offering a wide-range of services including: product development, customer service & support, order processing & fulfillment, distribution, multi-location inventory management, consignment and loaner inventory tracking, shipping & logistical support, billing, collections, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, subject recruitment and clinical trial monitoring services.
Millstone's wide range of outsourcing options includes advanced inspecton, sterile and non-sterile packaging, loaner kit processing, and distribution services.
And if it was all some innocent mistake, if Foster's car broke down and he simply took the SUV as an extended loaner, then UCLA's handling of the situation is suspect.
It also manages types of service customers (wait in customers, loaner vehicle customers, etc.
25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Concourse Express, innovators of the only courtesy car solution designed with dealers for dealers, is pleased to announce and unveil a game changing loaner car solution for the industry.
There will be clinics on technique, safety and casting, and rods, reels and bait will be available for free loaner use.
Transitive provides an enticing incentive for ISVs to join the ISA, and we will be providing loaner systems and access to the Solutions Center Network so that ISVs can see for themselves how easy it can be for their customers to migrate to Itanium.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LG Electronics, the maker of LG G2 and Nexus 5 smartphones, is expanding its LG Android Developers' Program with a new device loaner program that officially launches today.
Anglers can also receive loaner rods, reels and bait.