loan to

loan (something) to (one)

To allow someone to borrow or make use of something temporarily. Some linguists, especially in British English, believe that "loan" should only be used as a noun, while the correct verb is only "lend." Primarily heard in US. I can loan $20 to you, but I'll need it back by this weekend. Would you mind loaning your pencil to me? I forgot to bring one. The bank agreed to loan the money for the refurbishments to our company.
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loan something to someone

to lend something to someone. (Considered to be an error for lend.) Can you loan a few bucks to Sam and me? I will not loan anything to you.
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Having got the money, how, in the present state of his trade, was the loan to be paid back?
Out: Steven Pienaar (to Tottenham, undisclosed), Kieran Agard (to Peterborough, loan) Aiyegbeni Yakubu (to Leicester, loan to the end of the season), Zac Thompson (to Leeds, free), James Vaughan (to Crystal Palace, loan), Joao Silva (to Uniao de Leiria, loan), Kieran Agard (to Kilmarnock, loan).
The cost to purchase the securities is a function of the spread between the interest rate on the loan to be defeased and the yield on the securities portfolio on the date the securities are purchased.
If that happens, as much as 25% of the amount of the loan could be added to the loan to cover the cost of collection.
The lender-parent is deemed to have made a loan to the borrower-child at the applicable Federal rate (AFR).
Loans guaranteed by a Federal agency do not count in the calculation of loans to a particular borrower, so the Bank could have made such a loan to NCH if the guarantee could be obtained.
Previously, a company charged the amount of an ESOP contribution to expense without regard to whether it used the contribution to pay down an exempt loan to release shares.
A provision in Goodling's bill would forbid the Education Department from advertising to students the option to transfer a private loan to the government, and thus get the benefits of paying back as a percentage of income.
Typically, participants have five years to repay the loan, and they cannot renegotiate the loan to extend the repayment limit.
Out: Steven Pienaar (Tottenham, undisclosed), Kieran Agard (Peterborough, loan) Aiyegbeni Yakubu (Leicester, loan to the end of the season), Zac Thompson (Leeds, free), James Vaughan (Crystal Palace, loan).
This structure is particularly useful in situations where multiple parties wish to secure a loan for a single borrower, such as business partners securing a business loan to their company.
Consolidation--taking out a new loan to pay off old ones--can be a good option for anyone looking to reduce large student loan bills.
Generally, capitalized costs incurred by a borrower are amortized ratably over the term of the loan to which the costs relate.
Furthermore, Chase has stated that in August 1999, it provided a $1.75 million loan to rehabilitate apartment units for LMI veterans in Queens.
These factors apply equally to determining whether a loan to an unrelated party is bona fide, but the standard of proof for family loans generally is higher.