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A $480,000 acquisition loan for a commercial building in Concord, N.
A $498,000 acquisition loan for a three-story mixed-use building in Elmhurst, N.
Our PRIVATE CONSOLIDATION loan program is one of the few consolidation products available to the growing number of graduates with privately insured student loans.
Education loans with competitive interest rates-Federal, Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, and Career loan programs.
7872(c)(2), if a loan is directly attributable to the purchase or carrying of income-producing assets, the rules do apply.
Adam makes an interest-free loan of $10,000 to his son, Ben, who has $1,500 net investment income.
Consolidation--taking out a new loan to pay off old ones--can be a good option for anyone looking to reduce large student loan bills.
White's advisor, Atlanta-based financial planner Sterling Laylock, says loan consolidation helped improve her credit profile as she and husband, Garrick, 31, shopped for the home they purchased in September 2000.
A lender generally can claim an ordinary tax loss for a bad debt arising from a loan made in connection with the lender's business.
So if you're thinking of adding a loan provision, you should carefully review the responsibilities that your administrators or an outside firm would assume.
The HMDA data show that by far the most common type of home loan requested by consumers during 1992 was for refinancing, which accounted for more than half of all home loan applications.
A $375,000 acquisition loan for a three-story apartment building in Ridgewood, N.
Education loans with competitive interest rates--Federal, Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional and Career/Continuing Education loan programs.
The loan must be repaid within five years (except home loans);