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float a loan

Fig. to get a loan of money; to arrange for a loan of money. I couldn't afford to pay cash for the car, so I floated a loan. They needed money, so they had to float a loan.
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loan something to someone

to lend something to someone. (Considered to be an error for lend.) Can you loan a few bucks to Sam and me? I will not loan anything to you.
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on loan (from someone or something)

[of possession] temporarily granted by someone or some group. This lovely painting is on loan from the Kimble Museum for the rest of the year.
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take out a loan

to get a loan of money, especially from a bank. Mary took out a loan to buy a car. We will have to take out a loan to remodel the kitchen.
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loan out

To lend something; loan something: I loaned out my cookbook to my neighbor. The school loaned a computer out to us.
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5 million loan for a four-story apartment building in Brooklyn, N.
A $305,500 loan for a three-story apartment building in the Bronx;
Education loans with competitive interest rates-Federal, Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional, and Career loan programs.
Loan consolidation programs--help make repayment easier to manage and free up cash each month.
Adam makes an interest-free loan of $10,000 to his son, Ben, who has $1,500 net investment income.
Charlotte makes a $100,000 interest-flee loan to her daughter, Doris, who has no investment income.
White's advisor, Atlanta-based financial planner Sterling Laylock, says loan consolidation helped improve her credit profile as she and husband, Garrick, 31, shopped for the home they purchased in September 2000.
Federal law mandates that your new loan feature the combined balance of the previous loans, as well as a weighted average of the interest rates of all your loans adjusted up to the nearest one-eighth percent.
Among these are acquiring a larger share of new conventional loans extended to these borrowers, purchasing seasoned loans to low-income borrowers from portfolio lenders, and expanding new mortgage programs with liberalized underwriting guidelines to compete with government-backed and with depositories' portfolio loan programs.
None of the mortgage loans are 'high cost' loans as defined under any local, state or federal laws.
A $375,000 acquisition loan for a three-story apartment building in Ridgewood, N.
Nelnet originates, holds, and services student loans, principally loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program, referred to as the FFEL Program or FFELP
The requirements include limits on the amount to borrow: a $50,000 limit considering all loans outstanding during the year and 50 percent of the accrued benefit (or $10,000 if greater than the 50 percent limit); loan terms (5 years unless used to purchase or improve the principal residence); and, they must be amortized in level payments made at least quarterly.
A lender generally can claim an ordinary tax loss for a bad debt arising from a loan made in connection with the lender's business.
So if you're thinking of adding a loan provision, you should carefully review the responsibilities that your administrators or an outside firm would assume.