load (someone or something) down

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load (someone or something) down

1. To force someone, something, or an animal to carry a great deal of weight. Make sure there's a train station near the hotel—we don't want to be walking across town loaded down with suitcases. We loaded down the truck with as much many barrels of oil as it could handle and got the heck out of there. Be careful not to load the mules down with anything you don't need on the trip.
2. To overburden someone with work, assignments, or tasks. I hate the way schools are loading students down with so much homework these days. You've been loaded down with way too much at work lately. I think it's time you took a vacation.
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load someone or something down (with someone or something)

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Don't load down my car with too many people. Tom loaded himself down with work every weekend.
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load down

1. To give someone or something too much weight to carry: The driver loaded the truck down with cement. I loaded down the car with crates of groceries. The students' backpacks are loaded down with books.
2. To give someone too much work to do: My boss loaded me down with a lot of paperwork. The new professor loaded down the class with homework.
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On a year-to-date basis, intermodal marketing companies (IMC) total loads were essentially flat at 1,775,977 (946,687 for the quarter), with intermodal loads up 4.6% and highway loads down 3.9%.
Sometimes the rations would come up to a farm outside the village and more near the front line, and carrying-parties would take their loads down a road which ran behind the trenches.
They brought loads down as they were still playing for the third and final promotion place, it was between them and Norwich.
It has one of the longest runways in the country, is within easy reach of road and rail, and can take huge aircraft with massive loads down to London for distribution within an hour's flying time.
Jean-Claude Juncker, who is also prime minister of Luxembourg, said only one issue remains -- how Greece can bring its debt loads down to manageable levels.
This brings case loads down to 100 children per officer - still 30 more than the recommended maximum.
We're taking five coach loads down from the club, another coach is going from Old Salts in Birmingham, a minibus is heading down from Leamington and there will be about another 30 to 40 cars going to Northampton."
The 10mm round's high performance was hard on guns and most manufacturers have tamed the loads down.
"People have a love affair with big houses and big cars, but the low-hanging fruit is reducing the size of the house." Suter advises his clients to "get the loads down" (electric and heating costs, and even commuting times) "before we start talking about neat things like geothermal and PV."
Researchers found that combining these new drugs with older ones in a drug cocktail improved people's health, decreased side effects, lessened the likelihood of drug resistance, and brought HIV viral loads down to undetectable levels.
Farmers grow agave on the slopes of rocky mountains, impenetrable to machines, so donkeys have to carry the loads down. Jimadores are rewarded for their dangerous work by getting a bit more than US$37 per day, ten times the minimum wage.
The light eyes are to have double-curved cable net structures to support the glazing, the loads of which will be transferred to ring beams round the apertures and thence as compressive loads down to the columns.
2001 created an economic crisis that knocked domestic passenger loads down almost one-third, followed by a 10% drop in international traffic.
A high-density, dynamic storage system that flows unit loads down lanes was chosen for this extra capacity.
The Clark axles have fully-enclosed multiple wet disc brakes and an electric retarder may also be fitted to allow transport of full loads down ramps.