load up

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load up

1. To force someone or something to carry or hold a very large or heavy amount of something. When I asked my friend for some book recommendations, she loaded me up with a whole stack of them. He went up to the table and loaded up his plate with a huge mound of food.
2. To fill some form of transportation with its intended cargo. Come in and eat your lunch once you're finished loading up the car with our bags. It looks like criminals had loaded the boat up with marijuana hidden in soup cans.
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load up on (something)

1. To gather, store, or purchase a lot of something to create a large stock or supply. We need to load up on canned foods and bottled water before the storm hits. It's always strange to me that people will load up on random junk they don't need just because a store is selling it at a lower price.
2. To eat or drink something until one feels full. We're going to be eating dinner soon, so don't load up on bread. The kids loaded up on soda before we left the house, so now everyone needs to use the toilet.
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load someone or something up (with someone or something)

to burden someone or something greatly or to the maximum with someone or something. I loaded her up with a number of books on investments, so she could learn what to do with her money. Don't load up your shelves with books you will never look at.
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load up (with something)

to take or accumulate a lot of something. Don't load up with cheap souvenirs. Save your money. Whenever I get into a used-book store, I load up.
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load up

1. To fill something up with something that it carries: We'll leave as soon as we finish loading up the car with the bags. Let's load the van up and get going.
2. load up on To gather and store a supply of something; stock up on something: I loaded up on shampoo because the store was having a sale.
3. load up on To become drunk or intoxicated. Used in the passive: That guy is loaded up on vodka.
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