load (someone or something) down

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load (someone or something) down

1. To force someone, something, or an animal to carry a great deal of weight. Make sure there's a train station near the hotel—we don't want to be walking across town loaded down with suitcases. We loaded down the truck with as much many barrels of oil as it could handle and got the heck out of there. Be careful not to load the mules down with anything you don't need on the trip.
2. To overburden someone with work, assignments, or tasks. I hate the way schools are loading students down with so much homework these days. You've been loaded down with way too much at work lately. I think it's time you took a vacation.
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load someone or something down (with someone or something)

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Don't load down my car with too many people. Tom loaded himself down with work every weekend.
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load down

1. To give someone or something too much weight to carry: The driver loaded the truck down with cement. I loaded down the car with crates of groceries. The students' backpacks are loaded down with books.
2. To give someone too much work to do: My boss loaded me down with a lot of paperwork. The new professor loaded down the class with homework.
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Rather than loading down your strands with lots of product, add a smattering at your roots, then comb it through to create a halo effect.
MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid in Love Yourself, PS16.50 MAC Glitter in Pink, PS16.50 HALO HAIR RATHER than loading down your strands with lots of product, add a smattering at your roots, then comb it through to create a halo effect.
There is a lot of information about making a 20-gauge shoot like a 12 gauge, but I can't find much info about loading down in any gauge.
Please note that the comparatively lighter charge weights of faster burn rate propellants should not be called "reduced loads." They are just the "correct load" of that powder to use when loading down magnum handgun ammo.
But just as there are risks when going up in velocity, there are also risks involved in loading down. One of the biggest is known in the industry as "BIB" which means bullet in bore.