load into

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load into

1. To get into something, especially a vehicle, all at the same time. Make sure you take a head count after all the kids have loaded into the bus. The passengers began loading into the cruise ship, blissfully unaware of the horror that awaited them in the middle of the ocean.
2. To usher people into something, especially a vehicle, all at the same time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "load" and "into." We had just loaded everyone into the car when Tommy said he needed to use the bathroom. I hope they start loading us into the plane soon.
3. To put a supply of something into a structure, vehicle, or mode of conveyance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "load" and "into." Let me know when you're finished loading that timber into the van. We'll need a forklift to load these pallets into the storage unit.
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load someone or something into something

 and load someone or something in
to put someone or something into something. Would you load the dishes into the dishwasher? Let's load the kids into the car and go to the zoo. Load them in, and let's go.
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load into something

[for people] to get into something. Everyone loaded into the bus, and we set off for Denver. The kids all loaded into the station wagon for the trip.
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Local standout waterfowler Josh Noble and his super-dog Teal loaded us into the airboats as we buzzed across the flats skimming over four inches of water near Antelope Island, where we stuck 650 silhouettes in the mud surprisingly quickly, along with 14-dozen teal decoys and new gadwall, pintail and others by Greenhead Gear.
Baker: They trucked us across England, and then loaded us into LSTs [Landing Ships, Tank] to cross the British [English] Channel to Le Havre, France.
Our guide, Ken, was a third-year ecology graduate student from the university, who loaded us into a Jeep and drove for about an hour on a coarse gravel road, up and down hills.
We were then taken by ambulance to Crepy, where they loaded us into a hospital train and we were off .
A friend from Perth and myself from Dundee were stranded until a civilian told us to go to the Daily Record dispatch office - there your mail van driver loaded us into his van on top of his deliveries.