load (someone or something) down

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load (someone or something) down

1. To force someone, something, or an animal to carry a great deal of weight. Make sure there's a train station near the hotel—we don't want to be walking across town loaded down with suitcases. We loaded down the truck with as much many barrels of oil as it could handle and got the heck out of there. Be careful not to load the mules down with anything you don't need on the trip.
2. To overburden someone with work, assignments, or tasks. I hate the way schools are loading students down with so much homework these days. You've been loaded down with way too much at work lately. I think it's time you took a vacation.
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load someone or something down (with someone or something)

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Don't load down my car with too many people. Tom loaded himself down with work every weekend.
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load down

1. To give someone or something too much weight to carry: The driver loaded the truck down with cement. I loaded down the car with crates of groceries. The students' backpacks are loaded down with books.
2. To give someone too much work to do: My boss loaded me down with a lot of paperwork. The new professor loaded down the class with homework.
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Well, the mystery was solved a few years later when I had to travel to Ponteland and so getting off the No.2 bus to get the No.5 that stopped outside the bakery, I saw my pal and others loaded down with bags.
I didn't know about the smell wrapping this little half-island loaded down with bodies no one knows where to burn or bury or bless.
Loaded down with bags of designer gear, they hopped into a silver BMW 4X4 and headed home - with cheeky former I'm A Celeb Jungle Queen Kerry hanging out of the window to give fellow shoppers a royal wave goodbye.
Investigating officer, Detective Constable Helen Middlemas, said: "The offenders would have been very conspicuous, as they are likely to have been loaded down with lots of items.
It's free, it's unencumbered; I don't want to be loaded down," he added.
For the poor, the foreseeable future holds no promise of a brighter dawn, they will be loaded down until they break.
Anyone who hates to be loaded down by extra stuff will love the i-Kam Xtreme glasses.
It can be easy to forget that this is more truck than car and if it is not loaded down the leaf-spring rear suspension can crash a bit when driving over potholes.
Other selections making the list included the Triple Play, a grilled triple stack of Pullman bread loaded down with smoked brisket and pulled pork, courtesy of the Reno Aces; the Fifth Third Burger, which includes five one-third pound hamburger patties, chili, chips and salsa packed into a 1-pound hamburger bun, courtesy of the West Michigan Whitecaps; and BBQ Nachos, courtesy of the Memphis Redbirds.
And joining the program, loaded down with symbolic suitcases, is the Catalan collective Kamchatka--a group of young artists that formed in a workshop organized by Spanish director Adrien Schvarzstein at Barcelona's 2006 Festival Escena Poblenou.
Most of the pistol ammunition loaded in this country is loaded down from the maximum allowable pressures and velocities and is, for all practical purposes, identical in performance to the .45 Auto.
<p>Productivity tools<p>The quickest of glances at the App Store's productivity category will reveal that Apple's online emporium is loaded down with list-makers and to-do managers.
Running along a rocky track with backpack and rifle while transporting a stretcher loaded down with sandbags and a full jerry can was the hardest physical thing I have ever done.
"He came up to the counter with his arms loaded down with sweets and fizzy pop.