load with

load (something) with (something)

1. To fill some space or structure with a large or heavy amount of something. Let me know when you're finished loading the van with timber. We'll need a forklift to load the shelves in the warehouse with these pallets of books.
2. To burden something with an excessive amount of something else. Often used in passive constructions. The director loaded the film with so much symbolism that it's hard to figure out what is supposed to be taken literally. Snack cakes like these are loaded with calories.
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load something with something

to burden something with something; to put a lot of something onto or into something. Load this box with all the clothing you can get into it. Don't load these drawers with so much stuff.
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Li [17] applied sustained eccentric compression load with a rate of 0, 0.3, and 0.6, respectively, on RC columns.
An eccentric compressive load with the magnitude of 0.2[P.sub.u] and 0.35[P.sub.u] was applied to Col-3 and Col-4, respectively, and sustained for 100 days before being removed.
In Col-3 and Col-4, which were subjected to a persistent eccentric compressive load with a magnitude of 0.2[P.sub.u] and 0.35[P.sub.u], respectively, and 300 times of freeze-thaw cycles and 100 times of seawater immersion, the horizontal tensile cracks induced by the persistent load closed upon the removal of the persistent loading system.
The 23% yearly rise in viral load with untreated HIV infection means someone with a viral load of 10,000 copies will have a load of 12,300 copies 1 year later and 28,100 copies 5 years later (Figure 1).
According to the meaning of the transverse distribution, when the total times of load application are n, the occurrence frequency of the load with the magnitude of [S.sub.1] is
The mean value of the load with the equivalent distribution is 458 MPa., and the longitudinal standard load is 500 MPa.
AMETEK advises selecting a load with a higher current rating than required.
load of #4, 5, 6, 7 1/2, 8 and 9 at 1,330 fps and a live pigeon/FITASC 12 gauge load with 1 1/4 oz.
We also check each load with our detectors prior to entering our plants.
The units sense the height of an incoming load and encircle the load with filmin a preset pattern.
"The systems have reduced our film cost by over 50%," claims Woolsey, "and the prestretched film makes for a load with increased stability." Signode
PPM's Mel Series lists power, current, and voltage: Model 5000-200-600 is a 5-kW load with 200-A and 600-V maximum limits.
You must choose a load with an SOA sufficient to handle the maximum current, voltage, and power expected from the DUT.
Kikusui's Model PLZ1004W is a 1-kW load with a maximum current rating of 200 A and a slew rate of 16 A/[micro]s.