load onto

load something onto someone or something

 and load something on
to lift something onto someone or something. We loaded the trunk onto Sam, and he carried it up the stairs into the house. Please help me load the boxes onto the cart. Load on the boxes, and let's go.
See also: load
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It will be complemented by mechanistic analyses of the cofactors that help cohesin to load onto chromosomes and establish sister chromatid cohesion.
One of NimbleMusic's beta customers for its film to digital conversion service, Kevin VanKirk of Washington, DC said, "I gave NimbleMusic 20 reels of 8mm film that my dad shot of our family in the 60s to convert and load onto my video iPod.
The Alsthom generator, which should have taken about 20 minutes to load onto the Canada-bound ACL cargo ship at Royal Seaforth container terminal, eventually missed the boat after dockers tried desperately for three hours to move the load.
CANYON COUNTRY - A big rig hauling 40,000 pounds of computer equipment overturned on the Sand Canyon Road off-ramp of the southbound Antelope Valley Freeway on Thursday, spilling its load onto the exit ramp and snarling traffic for hours, officials said.
After more than 18 months of delays, Microsoft reluctantly announced that some computer manufacturers wouldn't receive final versions of Windows 95 in time to load onto their new machines before the August release date.
We've been putting the latest prepublication version of Windows 95 through some tough tests--running it on a Novell network, loading up with more applications than we ever were able to load onto Windows 3.
The program truly is a winning proposition for both consumers and financial institutions: gift card buyers choose how much value to load onto a card and recipients use them like cash wherever debit cards are accepted at the point-of-sale, and banks and credit unions have an opportunity to establish new one-on-one relationships and connections with their customers.