load down

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load (someone or something) down

1. To force someone, something, or an animal to carry a great deal of weight. Make sure there's a train station near the hotel—we don't want to be walking across town loaded down with suitcases. We loaded down the truck with as much many barrels of oil as it could handle and got the heck out of there. Be careful not to load the mules down with anything you don't need on the trip.
2. To overburden someone with work, assignments, or tasks. I hate the way schools are loading students down with so much homework these days. You've been loaded down with way too much at work lately. I think it's time you took a vacation.
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load someone or something down (with someone or something)

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Don't load down my car with too many people. Tom loaded himself down with work every weekend.
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load down

1. To give someone or something too much weight to carry: The driver loaded the truck down with cement. I loaded down the car with crates of groceries. The students' backpacks are loaded down with books.
2. To give someone too much work to do: My boss loaded me down with a lot of paperwork. The new professor loaded down the class with homework.
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During the phase of gravity skidding of the load down the slope, the control circuit 16 engages the clutch 12 and switches on the electric switch 10.
Conversely, negative lift from the bottom slit could push the load down, increasing traction under slippery conditions.
The advertisement spoke of "cornering hard whilst towing a 3,500kg load down a 35 degrees gradient on wet grass and carrying seven people in safety and comfort."
Yes, you may have caught on that fund fees now average 1.5% of your invested savings, and perhaps you've even grasped the difference between a front-end and back-end load down cold (see "Nothing Comes Free," Moneywise, May 1998).
If you can't compete with them using full loads then you should load down. Hell, I'll bet Wyatt would have used "wimp" loads if he thought it would help him win a fight.
But drop the load down a little, and you'll find your gun full of it.
To put the load down, bend knees, keep back straight.
Your idea is for truckers to use your website so that customers who want freight carried can, for example, log on and see that there's a 40ft-container lorry coming from London to Manchester on, say, Thursday night that will be able to take a load down to London on Friday morning.
Gregg Cutler is being probed by animal welfare officers after workers hurled the squirming birds by the bucket load down the machine's chute.