lo and behold

lo and behold

A phrase used to indicate something surprising or unexpected. I'd been searching for my glasses all over the house when, lo and behold, they were on my head the whole time.
See also: and, behold, lo

Lo and behold!

Cliché Look here!; Thus! (An expression of surprise.) Lo and behold! There is Fred! He beat us here by taking a shortcut.
See also: and, lo

ˌlo and beˈhold

(humorous) used when telling a story to introduce somebody’s unexpected appearance: I walked into the restaurant and, lo and behold, there was my boss with his wife.The phrase uses old words that tell you to look at something. It means ‘look and see’.
See also: and, behold, lo
References in classic literature ?
And now, to complete the enjoyment of the feast and bring the dinner to a satisfactory end, lo and behold the page who had carried the letters and presents to Teresa Panza, the wife of the governor Sancho, entered the hall; and the duke and duchess were very well pleased to see him, being anxious to know the result of his journey; but when they asked him the page said in reply that he could not give it before so many people or in a few words, and begged their excellences to be pleased to let it wait for a private opportunity, and in the meantime amuse themselves with these letters; and taking out the letters he placed them in the duchess's hand.
Here I go over to Se- reny Harper, like an old softy, expecting I'm going to make her believe all that rubbage about that dream, when lo and behold you she'd found out from Joe that you was over here and heard all the talk we had that night.
We have had the ironworks and are just finishing cleaning up after King Coal, when lo and behold the people in Cardiff decide we have taken all the jobs away from the Valleys so we may as well take away its beauty as well.
He deemed that we needed this amount and, lo and behold, he has found an underhand way to claw it back.
Well, the judges line-up on Britain's biggest talent show changed, and lo and behold the world didn't implode.
Lo and behold, yesterday, all of the signs were blocked out?
But, lo and behold, Rooney was soon limping around and heading off for more treatment.
Lo and behold, Beeula taps the Magic Sceptre three times and says the magic words,"Let everyone know the magic of Halloween" and magic dust brings along candy corn, rose colored glasses, a black cat costume for Pumpkin-Puss, Beeula's Halloween-challenged cat, pumpkin flashlights, trick or treat bags, and a huge black owl named Hootie
He has such a great personality that people tend to forget that he too has feet of clay, but lo and behold, he reminds the adoring crowd that he is no God by mentioning the hardships he has had last year.
Lo and behold, my fellow ward councillors and I have just heard that they are to close New Mill Library.
And lo and behold, within 24 hours, we were sinking against the euro and even the beleaguered dollar was having a good old giggle at the British economy.
They have passed council property repairs to a private firm - all this to save or accumulate money, now lo and behold we have children's nurseries next on the hit list, because they're short of money, so where have these profits gone to?
On arrival in Dubai, I collected my suitcases from the carousel and lo and behold, to my utter amazement the six bottles were there too.
Lo and behold, Kenny MacAskill, our justice minister, has announced he may consider a unit of alcohol tax.
Lo and behold, at midday, dinner fluttered into the yard: