live off the land

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live off the land

To survive by eating what can be foraged, hunted, or grown in nature. Stranded in a remote part of the wilderness, we were forced to live off the land until a rescue team arrived. She had a burning desire to move out of the city and start living off the land on a tiny farm somewhere in the countryside.
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live off the land

to live by eating only the food that one produces from the land; to survive by gathering or stealing food, fruits, berries, eggs, etc., while traveling through the countryside. We lived off the land for a few years when we first started out farming. The homeless man wandered about, living off the land.
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live off the land (or the country)

live on whatever food you can obtain by hunting, gathering, or subsistence farming.
1995 Empire Harrison Ford is the frazzled father who ups his family from cosy suburbia in an effort to live off the land, get back to nature, etc.
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live off the ˈland

eat whatever food you can grow, kill or find yourself: Having grown up on a farm, Jack was more used to living off the land than the rest of the group.
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Finding a balance between living off the land and preserving it is the challenge facing new farmers today.
Two brothers, Bily and Zluty, live together in harmonious self-sufficiency, making their own pottery, weaving their own cloth, collecting their own honey for their favourite honey cakes and generally living off the land. One day their paradise is spoilt when a red mist blacks out the sky and a powerful wind terrifies them and other creatures.
Now that I'm in my mid 40s, I'm obsessed with the whole idea of living off the land. I have been a diesel mechanic for the last 25 or so years, so repairing farm equipment is one thing I am confident that I can do.
"We see this as a modern interpretation of Treaty 8 in which the FNFN people continue to make a living off the land in the spirit of sharing.
Living off the land also meant catching, killing and cooking their food.
Although she has journeyed to the Arctic, never before has she camped out with Inuit guides, living off the land, and exploring the land and sea of Nunavut.
TELLY action man Monty Halls had his claims of living off the land on a Highland croft laughed off by villagers yesterday
Finn supports himself by odd jobs and living off the land. This life seems like heaven to Hilary.
Join Brooks as he takes you way, way off the beaten track in his trusty Toyota Land Cruiser to the high country for a few days of living off the land, Aussie style.
And still believes passionately in living off the land.
When we were still living off the land, they were just finding out about the riches they could take to better themselves by moving our people to reserves and promising things to all First Nations that never happened.
If you've ever indulged fantasies of selling off your belongings, moving to the country, and living off the land, Eleanor Agnew's new book Back from the Land: How Young Americans went to Nature in the 1970s and Why They Came Back (Ivan R.
Thoreau's experience living off the land around Walden Pond in Massachusetts has global appeal.
He and Costner play freegrazers - cowboys who roam the countryside with their cattle living off the land - in the film, which also stars Annette Bening and Michael Gambon.
In the 1930s, the United States was a nation of farmers, with a quarter of American workers living off the land. Since then, their ranks have dwindled steadily, now numbering less than 1 percent.