live beyond (one's) means

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live beyond (one's) means

To spend or owe more money than one is earning or is able to repay. They've been living beyond their means for some time now, but they're too proud to move out of that giant house or give up their expensive cars. Being so poor during college taught me not to live beyond my means once I got a steady job. If you keep living beyond your means, you'll deplete your bank account before you know it.
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live beyond one's means

to spend more money than one can afford. The Browns are deeply in debt because they are living beyond their means. I keep a budget so that I don't live beyond my means.
See also: beyond, live, mean

live beyond/within your ˈmeans

live on more/less money than you have or earn: They seemed wealthy but they were living well beyond their means.I find it very hard to live within my means.
See also: beyond, live, mean, within
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RELATIONSHIP breakdowns, living beyond your means and sudden income shocks are among the most common triggers for people going bankrupt, figures show.
"You were living beyond your means and that is why you forged her signature," Mr Davies said.
The judge, Mr Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones said: "You were clearly living beyond your means."
If you buy gas, groceries, prescription medicines, or other essentials with your credit cards without a plan to repay in 90 days or less, chances are you are living beyond your means.
If the debt stems from fundamental underlying issues, like living beyond your means, then debt consolidation can be the worst choice," cautions Steve Rhode, president and co-founder of
It's not always about living beyond your means. Sometimes something happens that you have no control over," explains 33-year-old Latanya Arnold of her credit problems.