live beyond (one's) means

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live beyond (one's) means

To spend or owe more money than one is earning or is able to repay. They've been living beyond their means for some time now, but they're too proud to move out of that giant house or give up their expensive cars. Being so poor during college taught me not to live beyond my means once I got a steady job. If you keep living beyond your means, you'll deplete your bank account before you know it.
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live beyond one's means

to spend more money than one can afford. The Browns are deeply in debt because they are living beyond their means. I keep a budget so that I don't live beyond my means.
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live beyond/within your ˈmeans

live on more/less money than you have or earn: They seemed wealthy but they were living well beyond their means.I find it very hard to live within my means.
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And yet the dangers of living beyond our means are apparent.
With all this howling going on, no one wants to point out the elephant in the room: the fact that we as a nation and as individuals are living beyond our means. If you have been to a government office in Pakistan (including the offices of military officials), is it in any way less opulent than a government office in the West?
All I can say to MPs is that we are living beyond our means, you are a good example of people living beyond their means as anybody in our economy and we simply got to cut costs.
- Living beyond our means, financially and environmentally
"Do we say: 'the worst is over; back we go to our bad habits of borrowing and spending and living beyond our means -- and let the next generation pay the bill'?" he said.
"By living beyond our means, we're stealing from the next generation.
Perhaps more worrying though, it implies that we should give up hope of things getting back to "normal" - because what we considered normal actually involved living beyond our means.
Imposing a supertax above a certain amount would be a very effective way of convincing them they are living beyond our means.
Stop targeting the poor to pay for the sins of the rich, and stop telling us it's our own fault for living beyond our means while you continue to cream off a fortune for destroying our future.
LIVING beyond our means and thou shalt not covet are some of the lessons to be learned in this interesting morality tale.
At first glance this is a concession to the reality that we are living beyond our means and mortgaging our children's futures to do so.
Little wonder that these false economic assumptions are causing the human race to seriously degrade almost two-thirds of the natural machinery that supports life on earth as a result of living beyond our means.
"I'm sympathetic, but we're close to living beyond our means," said Canon Robert Falby of Toronto.
Buying homes to build wealth but not maintaining them is living beyond our means and is just as bad as losing ground in any other area of our finances.
They are living beyond our means and telling us the funds are not available.