live beyond (one's) means

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live beyond (one's) means

To spend or owe more money than one is earning or is able to repay. They've been living beyond their means for some time now, but they're too proud to move out of that giant house or give up their expensive cars. Being so poor during college taught me not to live beyond my means once I got a steady job. If you keep living beyond your means, you'll deplete your bank account before you know it.
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live beyond one's means

to spend more money than one can afford. The Browns are deeply in debt because they are living beyond their means. I keep a budget so that I don't live beyond my means.
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live beyond/within your ˈmeans

live on more/less money than you have or earn: They seemed wealthy but they were living well beyond their means.I find it very hard to live within my means.
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This does not need a commission as if debt contracting itself is a criminal matter, though in a strict moral sense, living beyond means is not a good habit.
Living beyond means creates a situation for the country to live on the dole with its infrastructure mortgaged by the IMF, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and other multilateral agencies - a sure recipe for disaster.
The EC accused and later incriminated Benazir Bhutto for misuse of power and living beyond means.
The officials said the meeting decided to make it compulsory for all the government employees to declare their assets and strengthen internal accountability by having scrutiny committees for identifying government servants living beyond means.
If an elected PM can be tried and punished for living beyond means, why cannot former senior bureaucrats like Shahid Rafi, Saeed Mehdi, Ahmad Sadiq, Salman Siddiq, Capt Naseer, Qamar Zaman, Kamran Rasul etc be punished for same crime?
In 16.9% of debtor application bankruptcies during this period, "living beyond means" was a reason, according to the figures.
The accused has been inquired for allegations of accumulation of assets beyond known sources of income and living beyond means.
There are bleak chances that Nawaz Sharif will become the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the fourth time.It is strange that Ishaq Dar had not resigned from his post of Finance Minister to this date and he is still retaining the portfolio even after the clear verdict of the Supreme Court convicting him on the charge of living beyond means.
Fraudsters displayed one or more of these red flags before or during the commission of the fraud: living beyond means, financial difficulties, unusually close association with vendors or customers, and excessive control issues.
Living beyond means: Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Peru.
Generally, luxurious life style or living beyond means is a cause of low national savings rate as seen in US.
The list include the names of Begum Nusrat Bhutto in case of living beyond means while the name of Jhangir Badar of PPP is also included in two cases.
For too many years the 'luxury' of living beyond means has meant that any quirk in markets has left those in a position of not being 'viable' with liquidizeable assets, to cover shortfalls exposed to elimination.
This leads to an unhealthy expansion in the overall volume of credit, to excessive leverage, and to an unsustainable rise in asset prices, living beyond means, and speculative investment," Chapra said.
The prescription for recovery of economic trends suitable for privatisation, is cutting down the expenditure on consumption, and abandoning the habit of living beyond means of the public sector white elephants.