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look lively

To hurry up and get moving. Often used as an imperative. The movie is starting in 15 minutes. Look lively! You'd better look lively if you're going to catch your bus.
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look lively

used to tell someone to be quick in doing something. informal
A variant of this phrase is look alive , but this is now rather dated.
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look ˈlively/ˈsharp

(British English, informal) do something quickly; hurry up: Come on, look lively or we won’t get to the station in time.
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A spokesperson for the production company confirmed, "Paramount, Global Road (formerly known as IM Global) and producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli today confirmed that filming has been temporarily suspended on The Rhythm Section as Blake Lively sustained an injury to her hand whilst filming an action sequence.
But to be fair, Lively started it all with this picture at the Time 100 Gala, where her sweet caption took a different turn.
Lively says she reported the issue to the project's producers, but they did nothing.
As an early adopter of CoOL, its exciting to see Lively Linseed putting this information front and centre on their range of healthy nutritional products manufactured from linseed grown on NSW farmland.
According to Marshall Haas, Founder of The Apartment Guides, he and Lively structured the first-of-its-kind agreement between an association and a supplier partner that was more than a win-win.
In his second term, Lively has focused on veterans issues, health care, early childhood education and transportation, and hopes to continue his work in all those areas.
Lively Group was represented in the transaction by Stephen Siegel, Roshan Shah, and Chris Corrinet of CBRE.
Lively found her life immeasurably enriched by her encounters, and although her book is Bible-based and directed at Christian women who would like to establish neighborhood Bible study groups, those of other faiths, and even the nonreligious, can use the practical and loving suggestions she offers to begin opening their doors and hearts to their neighbors.
The senior provides Lively with emails for friends and family.
Lively, its executive director, said shelter residents go through an interview process and then have 30 to 45 days to find a job.
John Lively & Associates is a custom residential design firm specializing in all forms of custom homes.
This is a smart, well-written literary novel that would be fun to analyze in a book club, but Lively also knows what her characters know: that what keeps readers turning the pages is a good story, and at its heart, How It All Began is just that.
JOE LIVELY, winner of the Grade 1 Feltham Novices' Chase in 2007, had to be put down after breaking a hind leg in the Raceodds Handicap Chase at Cheltenham yesterday, writes James Burn.
Mumbai, June 15 -- She plays a pivotal part in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, but Blake Lively is better known as Serena, her character from the popular TV series Gossip Girl.
Lively was born and raised in Clinton, daughter of the late Martin F.