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look lively

To hurry up and get moving. Often used as an imperative. The movie is starting in 15 minutes. Look lively! You'd better look lively if you're going to catch your bus.
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look lively

used to tell someone to be quick in doing something. informal
A variant of this phrase is look alive , but this is now rather dated.
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look ˈlively/ˈsharp

(British English, informal) do something quickly; hurry up: Come on, look lively or we won’t get to the station in time.
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While Protestants had deep skepticism of "trinkets" and "signs and shapes" that supposedly led to God, the "liveliness" of the body provided a "bulwark against these unnatural human creations" (163).
Sample scored low on 3 personality factors that are reasoning (4%), Emotional Stability (4%) and Liveliness (8%).
Fernandez said the reason for his visit to Gaziantep was the economic liveliness of the city, noting that 11 of the 500 largest companies of Turkey were in Gaziantep.
At times, the enthusiasm of the cast means their speech is a little too rapid, making it difficult to keep up, but the liveliness of Lila and her friend, elephant keeper Chulak (Ben Wong), endear them to us from the start.
AoWe all have a responsibility to employ the liveliness and talents of detainees in useful and productive ways so that they can boost their self esteem and make a useful contribution to society,Ao Majali concluded.
Although Jack's song Staple It Together brought out the liveliness in Merlo when he began to rap!
Samir had said during the interview that he thought Shakira to be complete with no faults and that she possesses a very strong voice and has a unique liveliness to her.
They attack the keys with a coordinated energy and liveliness rarely witnessed in such an intimate setting.
The rye is subtle, but it gives the beer a nice jolt of liveliness and makes it unique.
And as a Westerner, I found the honesty, humour and liveliness of the script and actors very appealing - in fact, it made me want to visit India in a way that no amount of tourism hype ever could.
With the development of the new shopping centre, the Echo Arena, and the liveliness we feel wherever we go, Liverpool's special buzz is providing every citizen with the ability to feel renewed and refreshed.
This is what made the performance so enjoyable ( the great banter and liveliness on stage.
Carnegie Mellon psychology professor Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues have narrowed it down to positive traits such as liveliness, calm, optimism, and feeling one's definite purpose in life.
Those who displayed generally positive outlooks, including feelings of liveliness, cheerfulness, and being at ease, were least likely to develop cold symptoms.