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look lively

To hurry up and get moving. Often used as an imperative. The movie is starting in 15 minutes. Look lively! You'd better look lively if you're going to catch your bus.
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look lively

used to tell someone to be quick in doing something. informal
A variant of this phrase is look alive , but this is now rather dated.
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look ˈlively/ˈsharp

(British English, informal) do something quickly; hurry up: Come on, look lively or we won’t get to the station in time.
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DSH patients scored low on 3 factors that are reasoning (4%), Emotional stability (4%) and Liveliness (8%).
AoWe all have a responsibility to employ the liveliness and talents of detainees in useful and productive ways so that they can boost their self esteem, appreciation of their work and others, and can actually help detainees explore their inner selves,Ao said supervisor Captain Dalal Sawalhah, from WomenAAEs Correction & Rehabilitation centers.
4 : liveliness in style and action <A scarf adds dash to the outfit.
With the development of the new shopping centre, the Echo Arena, and the liveliness we feel wherever we go, Liverpool's special buzz is providing every citizen with the ability to feel renewed and refreshed.
Parents were asked to rate their children's rates of energy, activity and liveliness over the last three months - ranking each category never, occasionally or often.
Carnegie Mellon psychology professor Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues have narrowed it down to positive traits such as liveliness, calm, optimism, and feeling one's definite purpose in life.
Those who displayed generally positive outlooks, including feelings of liveliness, cheerfulness, and being at ease, were least likely to develop cold symptoms.
Decoration of the column capitals matches this liveliness with blends of dancers, horn players, apes, lions, bears, and eagles.
So the music forms have that liveliness of a community rhythm to them, which is what gives Baroque music its life and its sense, and why, in many ways, there's never been music that's better than that--better than Bach doesn't really exist.
The liveliness of the jury's conversations owed much to different experiences and world views, but all were agreed on the importance of certain unshakeable assessment criteria: environmental and social responsibility, connectedness to place and appropriate use of materials and technology.
Wide establishing shots really do show off all the color and splendor that comes with a big-time college football game, from the liveliness of the crowd to the hugeness of a place like The Horseshoe (aka Ohio Stadium) in Columbus.
We'll have a front row seat to the incipient strength and liveliness of the site as its transformation occurs," says 212box founder Eric Clough.
De la Vega's zesty Spanish rendition effectively depicts the liveliness of el mercado de pulgas (a flea market) in Santa Ana, California.
Inspired in part by the liveliness of blogs, Pontius talks about "looking into the hive," a metaphor that has guided the company's work on sites such as the Brown University research website (http://research.
We wanted the houses to have some liveliness to them," he says.