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look lively

To hurry up and get moving. Often used as an imperative. The movie is starting in 15 minutes. Look lively! You'd better look lively if you're going to catch your bus.
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look lively

used to tell someone to be quick in doing something. informal
A variant of this phrase is look alive , but this is now rather dated.
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look ˈlively/ˈsharp

(British English, informal) do something quickly; hurry up: Come on, look lively or we won’t get to the station in time.
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The first half was not exactly packed with incident, although Newtown's Matthew Lewis stood out as the liveliest attacker on the field.
"But the John Moores Prize Exhibition continues to demonstrate painting is still one of the liveliest and most creative options open to today's artists," she said.
Richard Burkhard's Leporello was by far the liveliest presence on opening night and while the rest of the leads sang heroic- ally, conductor Alistair Dawes and the orchestra seemed to take the upper hand.
He used to be best known as Chick Corea's bass player, but Avishai Cohen is gaining a growing reputation as one of the liveliest, most creative bandleaders around.
It has one of the liveliest painting programs among galleries of its generation, and it is easy--yet nevertheless surprising--to connect Zucker's paintings with the Arcadian confections of Laura Owens, the glass-noodle abstractions of Udomsak Krisanamis, and the sophisticated primitivism of Chris Ofili.
JOIN in one of Europe's liveliest street parties, the Cologne Festival, from February 21-24.
The book is at its liveliest when describing the astonishing variety of additives used by medieval vintners to clarify, preserve, color, or improve the taste of their products.
But you also wished telly's Eamonn Holmes well, as he takes over Britain's liveliest column from this Sunday.
The few quotes fr9m the mild-mannered actor himself provide the liveliest prose in the book.
* There's a spirit of newness and change out in the yard in summer that fosters the liveliest parties of the year.
Over 11,000 screaming fans packed into the London Arena for the event, one of the loudest and liveliest in the pop calendar.
Harajuku is one of Tokyo's liveliest shopping areas.
Paterniti's writing is liveliest when he explores the theme of obsession--the stuff that made Einstein scrawl equations unto his death and compelled Harvey to worship a pickled brain.
In none of the cases, even among the liveliest encounters, did researchers have to intervene to keep fish from harming each other.
The liveliest comedy centers on Noor being stalked by a former beau, with childlike Hupscher bringing warmth and complexity that are less apparent elsewhere.