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look lively

To hurry up and get moving. Often used as an imperative. The movie is starting in 15 minutes. Look lively! You'd better look lively if you're going to catch your bus.
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look lively

used to tell someone to be quick in doing something. informal
A variant of this phrase is look alive , but this is now rather dated.
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look ˈlively/ˈsharp

(British English, informal) do something quickly; hurry up: Come on, look lively or we won’t get to the station in time.
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From October 17 to November 1, The Liveliest of Elements, an Ordinary Extraordinary Material will be displayed in a very different setting, a disused ventilation shaft at Woodhorn Museum.
For party animals, Malia is one of the liveliest hot spots in Europe.
Appreciating Dance: A guide to the World's Liveliest Art" serves as a scholarly introductory primer to give people the information they need to know to truly appreciate this ancient form of expression.
Athletic's front man Dean Morgan looked the liveliest for the visitors and he utilised his tricky ball skills to turn the Lambs defence inside out before slotting the ball past Danny Alcock on 12 minutes in his side's only real attack of the first half.
Sliding about the stage in a velvet jacket and fedora, Ne-Yo's voice is well-pitched for sickly ballads such as Irreplaceable and Lie To Me, while Miss Independent stood out as the liveliest number.
Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia embody eclecticism at its liveliest.
The Spanish youngster was easily Liverpool's liveliest attacker, however, and had an attempted chip saved by the Rovers' keeper on 69 minutes.
The Spanish youngster was easily the Liverpool's liveliest attacker however, and he had an attempted chip saved by the Rovers' keeper on 69 minutes.
Shrewsbury's Grant Holt was the liveliest in the first half which saw the best chance find the side netting.
JOHN McCain came out fighting in the liveliest and most contentious debate of the race for the White House as he sought to get his faltering campaign back on track.
Today, the street "is the stage for one of the liveliest social scenes in Manhattan, a slice of South Beach tucked into the financial district--minus the palm trees and bikinis," according to a recent article in the New York Times.
presidential campaign viewed as one of the liveliest in recent years, the often-heated political debate seems to have frozen-out a major international concern: global warming.
Henry Clay, Thomas Reed and Newt Gingrich, all thought to be amongst the liveliest of the Speakers of the US House of Representatives, have other similarities as well.
Joan Acocella--biographer of Mark Morris and Mikhail Baryshnikov, scholar of Vaslav Nijinsky and author Willa Gather, and, debatably, the liveliest American dance critic now at work--covers dance and literature for The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books.
Practically an albino as roses go, Roederer's mainstream version (its 1999 L'Ermitage is for slightly deeper pockets) is a fantastic value--wonderfully yeasty and minerally, with the liveliest bubbles.