live without

live without something

to survive, lacking something. I just know I can't live without my car. I am sure we can live without vegetables for a day or two.
See also: live, without
References in classic literature ?
But as there are many sorts of provision, so are the methods of living both of man and the brute creation very various; and as it is impossible to live without food, the difference in that particular makes the lives of animals so different from each other.
When he had gone into the little drawing room, where he always had tea, and had settled himself in his armchair with a book , and Agafea Mihalovna had brought him tea, and with her usual, "Well, I'll stay a while, sir," had taken a chair in the window, he felt that, however strange it might be, he had not parted from his daydreams, and that he could not live without them.
It's absurd if you like, for a man, but I can't live without flowers.
He made no reply to this: but after a short pause, he said,--'I suppose it's these things, Miss Grey, that make you think you could not live without a home?
You will,' said Rose, after a pause, 'take some money from me, which may enable you to live without dishonesty--at all events until we meet again?
They gave me an account how many ways they strove to civilise the savages they were with, and to teach them rational customs in the ordinary way of living, but in vain; and how they retorted upon them as unjust that they who came there for assistance and support should attempt to set up for instructors to those that gave them food; intimating, it seems, that none should set up for the instructors of others but those who could live without them.
I have live without religion, and I am not acquaint with that of you.
That is to say, he would then live without breathing.
How many there are in the world who live without a government, and continue to live all the same, and are reckoned in the number of the people.
Your brother has gained my affections entirely, and as we could not live without one another, we are just returned from the altar, and are now on our way to Dawlish for a few weeks, which place your dear brother has great curiosity to see, but thought I would first trouble you with these few lines, and shall always remain, "Your sincere well-wisher, friend, and sister,
On fifteen sous she found she could live without encroaching on the little stock set apart for the support of her grandmother, and she was content.
When faced with a list of technological devices and general life staples and asked how long they could live without each, majorities of Americans indicate that they could make it a week or less without Internet access (67%), a computer/laptop (60%), mobile phone (59%), or television (55%), with over two in ten going so far as to state that they simply could not live without them (27%, 22%, 26% and 21%, respectively).
Do you really need that smartphone, or could you live without it?
Akhtar Iqbal, husband of Sugra Dawood, directly appealed to his family, saying: "All of you, I can't live without you.
The goal of the Christian life, therefore, is to "live without a why"--to live without any end or goal outside of the "ground" of one's soul, where God's grace indwells by virtue of the nature of the intellect on the one hand, and by virtue of the soul's complete detachment from creatures on the other.