live without

live without something

to survive, lacking something. I just know I can't live without my car. I am sure we can live without vegetables for a day or two.
See also: live, without
References in classic literature ?
Then Chee-Chee told them that in the Land of the White Men you could get nothing without money; you could DO nothing without money--that it was almost impossible to LIVE without money.
But as there are many sorts of provision, so are the methods of living both of man and the brute creation very various; and as it is impossible to live without food, the difference in that particular makes the lives of animals so different from each other.
No people could live without first valuing; if a people will maintain itself, however, it must not value as its neighbour valueth.
But after spending two months alone in the country, he was convinced that this was not one of those passions of which he had had experience in his early youth; that this feeling gave him not an instant's rest; that he could not live without deciding the question, would she or would she not be his wife, and that his despair had arisen only from his own imaginings, that he had no sort of proof that he would be rejected.
But I could not live without horses, of course I couldn't, so I took to the hotels.
Think of your little woodland chalet, and your great old trees in the park,--you couldn't live without them.
Part of this sum I shall expend upon a half-pound of tobacco--for I cannot live without tobacco, and it is nine days since I last put a pipe into my mouth.
I don't understand it; I don't in the least understand why men can't live without wars.
I won't live without her, and she can't live without me; and that is how I come to be at Limmeridge House.
He has maintained a regular, though not frequent, correspondence ever since: he hopes I am happy, and trusts I am not of those who live without God in the world, and only mind earthly things.
From their favourite childhood memories to why they can't live without each other, these sisters share it all!
A study of 5,000 people looked into the tech items we simply couldn't live without, with 42% saying they would not want to be parted from their telly.
In 2016, we learned to live without Russian gas, today we proved to the whole world that we can live without it.
I can live without a boyfriend [or] husband but I can't live without JJ.
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