live within means

live within (one's) means

To spend less or only as much money as one is earning or is able to pay in order avoid exceeding one's budget or going into debt. You need to start living within your means and avoid making so many frivolous purchases. Being so poor during college taught me how to live within my means.
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live within one's means

to spend no more money than one has. We have to struggle to live within our means, but we manage. John is unable to live within his means.
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That was always the business plan - after the initial burst of spending to catch up with elite clubs who have been heavily investing for years, it was always an aim to live within means, and improve those means by ramping up City's commercial value.
Those who can struggle and live within means have no need to compromise or to cross the line from 'Halal' to 'Haram'.
It cannot be considered a mini-budget, a desire to live within means, nonetheless.
A desire to live within means was expressed, nonetheless.
The citizens of Pakistan ought to thank IMF for the assistance program, but will also have to learn to live within means. It is not difficult but needs solid commitment and support by all the political parties.
By developing a budget, the OFW will be able to identify priorities, review needs versus wants and, ultimately, be able to live within means. It takes two to tango in budgeting.
The government should learn to live within means as Pakistan has become one of the most debt-stressed country of the world.
"Stop borrowing and try to live within means? Oh, my, that's such a great piece of advice.
with country is a difficult decision to ensure there fair deal across future generations ensure the country can live within means. This will help to make sure country can offer people decent which is He pension.s in their old age in a way that increasing life expectancy the can also afford."
The county should "live within means by re-establishing service priorities."
Third, they have to cut government spending to live within means. Too much debt-financing must be avoided at any cost so that price stability can be restored.