live within

live within something

1. to live within certain boundaries. Do you think you can live within your space, or are we going to argue over the use of square footage? Ted demanded again that Bill live within his assigned area.
2. to keep one's living costs within a certain amount, especially within one's budget, means, etc. Please try to live within your budget. You must learn to live within your take-home pay every month.
See also: live, within
References in classic literature ?
We shall live within a few miles of each other, and shall meet every day of our lives.
Such was the characteristic of Helen's discourse on that, to me, memorable evening; her spirit seemed hastening to live within a very brief span as much as many live during a protracted existence.
I must live within my income, or I shall be miserable; and I own it would give me great satisfaction to be able to do rather more, to lay by a little at the end of the year.
It seems odd we've never met the Moores yet, when they live within fifteen minutes' walk of us.
You must live within yourself, and depend upon yourself always tucked up and ready for a start, and not have many affairs.
CT, Gateshead, has given a rather convoluted reply to my simple query as to whether someone with an income (I didn't mention pay) of PS80,000 per annum would find it easier to live within their means than someone with an income of PS18,000 per annum.
THE vast majority of people in England live within a 20 minute walk of their local GP, but even more live close to a pharmacy, putting them in a "unique position to deliver healthcare interventions", a study has suggested.
In other words, it's as simple as learning to live within one's means.
I believe that to be able to stand for any political office in local government all applicants should live within the town or city they wish to represent.
Married women with children under age 12 are 4-to-10 percent more likely to work if they live within 25 miles of their mothers or mothers-in law.
Measure 20-188 would require that all members of the city's planning commission live within city limits.
Shareholders For Albion (S4A) are particularly unhappy about the arrangement, not least as eight out of ten of its members live within the Midlands.
Nearly 70% of all businesses acquired through Christie + Co over the last 12 months have been bought by parties who live within 20 miles of the purchased business.
THE majority of Manchester United fans do NOT live within ten miles of Old Trafford, a poll claimed yesterday.
DOCTORS and nurses have been told they cannot use a hospital car park if they live within eight miles of their workplace.