live with (someone or something)

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live with (someone or something)

1. To cohabitate with someone. Before I got married, I lived with my best friend from high school. Oh, she's been living with her boyfriend for years—I doubt they'll ever get married. He still lives with his parents, and he seems OK with it.
2. To accept something, typically something that one is not entirely content with. The trim looks kind of sloppy, but I'll just have to live with it, unless I want to redo the whole thing.
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live (together) with someone

[for someone] to live with someone eke. She lives together with her sister in a condo. He lives with his family.
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live with someone

Euph. to live together with someone; to live in a romantic relationship with someone outside of marriage. I lived with my aunt when I was growing up. Is Frank living with his girlfriend? Sandy is living with her domestic partner.
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live with something

to put up with something; to endure something. (Does not mean "to dwell with.") That is not acceptable. I can't live with that. Please change it. Mary refused to live with the proposed changes.
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live with

1. Cohabit with, live as if married to, as in I don't approve of my daughter living with her boyfriend. [Mid-1700s] Also see live together.
2. Put up with, come to terms with, as in I think I can live with this new agreement. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s] Also see learn to live with.
3. live with oneself. Keep one's self-respect, as in I don't know how he can live with himself after violating their trust. [Mid-1900s]
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live with

1. To dwell in the same house or premises as someone else: I live with my parents and my grandmother.
2. To cohabit with someone, especially in a sexual relationship when not legally married: They're not just dating—she actually lives with him.
3. To put up with something; resign oneself to something: My friends don't like the dormitory, but they have to live with it for the rest of the year.
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References in classic literature ?
THE WOLVES thus addressed the Sheepdogs: "Why should you, who are like us in so many things, not be entirely of one mind with us, and live with us as brothers should?
You had far better come and live with us here for a little while.
Now you're coming to live with us till you find something to do," said Athelny, when he had finished.
I'm afraid, my dear, you will have to live with us.
You must live with us always, and be our brother," said the next.
For of course if he wants to make up the quarrel, everything will be all right now, and Aunt Polly and I will both go to live there, or else he'll come to live with us.
Weston is such a goodhumoured, pleasant, excellent man, that he thoroughly deserves a good wife;and you would not have had Miss Taylor live with us for ever, and bear all my odd humours, when she might have a house of her own?
And people hate their wives, sometimes; but not their sisters and brothers: and if you were the latter, you would live with us, and papa would be as fond of you as he is of me.
Clara and I have talked about it again and again," Herbert pursued, "and the dear little thing begged me only this evening, with tears in her eyes, to say to you that if you will live with us when we come together, she will do her best to make you happy, and to convince her husband's friend that he is her friend too.
In fact, the apes live with us, and have for many ages.
The place where the community is located is rich in biodiversity , this represents a high potential to develop community-based ecotourism , it has been used by the group of women come to live with us , now turned Services Company multiple .
Unfortunately, some immigrant groups want to live with us but not like us and seem to want us to adapt to their way of life.
ALAN PARDEW watched his classy Newcastle cement their top three place against Everton and roared: No one can live with us when we play like that
My partner asked if the kids can live with us full-time and she can see them whenever she wants.
A proud Swindon boss Danny Wilson said: "This was a fantastic effort and in the second half they couldn't live with us.