live wire

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live wire

1. A wire through which electricity is running. The power cable was severed when the car hit the pole, and the end of the live wire fell onto the windshield.
2. A very lively or energetic person. Greg's such a live wire that it's tough to keep up with his stories!
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live wire

A highly alert or energetic person. For example, Sally's a real live wire; she brightens up any gathering. This metaphoric term transfers a wire carrying electric current to a lively individual. [c. 1900]
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a live wire

A live wire is a very lively and energetic person. She is a wonderful girl, a real live wire and full of fun. Note: A live wire is an electric wire or cable that has an electric current running through it.
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live wire

an energetic and unpredictable person. informal
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a live ˈwire

(informal) a lively and enthusiastic person: You must invite her to your party — she’s a real live wire.We need a live wire like him in this department. Let’s give him the job. OPPOSITE: a wet blanket
A wire that is live is connected to a source of electrical power, so has a great deal of energy.
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(live) wire

n. an energetic and vivacious person. With a wire like Taylor in charge, things will get done, that’s for sure.
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Student reporters who work for Live Wire and the other three services, although unpaid, accumulate bylines on high-quality stories in major newspapers throughout the country, enhancing their chances of finding a good job when they graduate.
Engineer Paul Farley told the inquest in Cardiff: "Over time the cable had worn exposing the live wire.
The perpetrators then parked the van outside Live Wire and set it on fire to cover their tracks.
Continuous rains have wreaked havoc in Karachi, crippling its infrastructure, submerging major traffic arteries and low-lying areas, disrupting power supply and snapping live wires.
Shell live WIRE - the UK's longest-running support service for young people starting, or running, a business has launched its 2006 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.
In Watching the Play, 2004, Li transforms a famous photograph of President Nixon and Jiang Qing (a political live wire who was also Mao's second wife) into a kaleidoscopic patchwork that blurs the line between mark making and figuration.
Put a clamp around both wires, with the cast saddle on the live wire.
Father-of-three Raymond Biggerstaff was mystified when he returned home from work to find wires - including a naked live wire - hanging out of a box on the side of his house, and that the phone line had been cut off.
James, eight, watched as Gemma Hayes grasped a live wire that had been severed by the blades of an electric lawnmower.
Police said Fakhar Hayat, 20, Wali Muhammad, 22, and Muhammad Khan, 24, workers of a private billboard company, were installing an board near Air Avenue in Defense Housing Authority's Phase-8 when they accidentally touched a live wire.
LAHORE -- A local fruit vendor was electrocuted on Wednesday in Nain Sukh Market of Ferozwala while his aide injured after 11-kV live wire broke and fell in rainwater that was yet to be drained.
Officials said the children were playing in rainwater when they received a severe electric shock after a live wire fell on them.
Here, thieves ripped out the live wire, stole the copper cabling from it and left live wires fully exposed.
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