live wire

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live wire

1. A wire through which electricity is running. The power cable was severed when the car hit the pole, and the end of the live wire fell onto the windshield.
2. A very lively or energetic person. Greg's such a live wire that it's tough to keep up with his stories!
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live wire

A highly alert or energetic person. For example, Sally's a real live wire; she brightens up any gathering. This metaphoric term transfers a wire carrying electric current to a lively individual. [c. 1900]
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a live wire

A live wire is a very lively and energetic person. She is a wonderful girl, a real live wire and full of fun. Note: A live wire is an electric wire or cable that has an electric current running through it.
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live wire

an energetic and unpredictable person. informal
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a live ˈwire

(informal) a lively and enthusiastic person: You must invite her to your party — she’s a real live wire.We need a live wire like him in this department. Let’s give him the job. OPPOSITE: a wet blanket
A wire that is live is connected to a source of electrical power, so has a great deal of energy.
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(live) wire

n. an energetic and vivacious person. With a wire like Taylor in charge, things will get done, that’s for sure.
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May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Palomar Technologies, the world-leading provider of precision microelectronics and optoelectronic packaging systems, today announced it will exhibit at SMT Nuremberg 2012, May 8-10, with live wire bonder demonstrations.
All of the UK's major wire industry employers are members of Live Wire - and Siddall & Hilton Products has supported the concept since its launch four years ago.
After Iron Fist and Live Wire, an IAF team will prepare to leave for Red Flag exercise in the US, which is also taking place after a gap of five years.
A MOTORIST who crashed and knocked over an electricity pole died after he urinated on the live wire.
A live wire of 33 Kilo Watts passes through this area.
The awards are held by Shell Live Wire which helps 16 to 30-year-olds develop their own business.
The Birkenhead live wire - one of Merseyside's most dedicated and fittest modern pros - is running the London Marathon this year to raise money for charity.
Apparently the pesky animal got into an electricity sub-station and touched a live wire.
Chisholm's Solly, with his gravelly voice and brash outfits, is the play's live wire.
The book, The Choice of Champions, costs pounds 18 from Live Wire Books.
Live wire Zoe Ball and Radio 1 breakfast show co-presenter Kevin Greening toasted their 400,000 new listeners after their morning show.
Jesse Sullivan of Dayton, Tennessee was a power linesman for the Dayton Power Company and on May 21, 2001 he touched a live wire and was severely shocked, causing extensive, irreparable tissue damage.
Mark Horn, 22, was high on speed and felt "invincible" when he grabbed a 400-volt live wire on the roof of the Blockbuster video store.
In addition, young entrepreneurs will be invited to compete for the annual Shell Live WIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, which recognises the achievements of the UK's finest young entrepreneurs.
Even if your business is still at the ideas stage, Shell Live Wire can help with lots of free advice and information sessions with a business adviser in their dedicated business start-up clinic.