live wire

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live wire

1. A wire through which electricity is running. The power cable was severed when the car hit the pole, and the end of the live wire fell onto the windshield.
2. A very lively or energetic person. Greg's such a live wire that it's tough to keep up with his stories!
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live wire

A highly alert or energetic person. For example, Sally's a real live wire; she brightens up any gathering. This metaphoric term transfers a wire carrying electric current to a lively individual. [c. 1900]
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a live wire

A live wire is a very lively and energetic person. She is a wonderful girl, a real live wire and full of fun. Note: A live wire is an electric wire or cable that has an electric current running through it.
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live wire

an energetic and unpredictable person. informal
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a live ˈwire

(informal) a lively and enthusiastic person: You must invite her to your party — she’s a real live wire.We need a live wire like him in this department. Let’s give him the job. OPPOSITE: a wet blanket
A wire that is live is connected to a source of electrical power, so has a great deal of energy.
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(live) wire

n. an energetic and vivacious person. With a wire like Taylor in charge, things will get done, that’s for sure.
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