live under

live under someone or something

to dwell directly beneath someone or something. We live under the Johnsons. They are fairly quiet. We lived under a law office for a few years.
See also: live

live under something (negative)

to exist under some kind of worry or threat. I can't continue to live under the threat of bankruptcy all the time. It is hard to live under the worry of another war.
See also: live
References in classic literature ?
Jesus moved in a community that allowed the accumulation of private property just as ours does, and the gospel that he preached was not that in such a community it is an advantage for a man to live on scanty, unwholesome food, to wear ragged, unwholesome clothes, to sleep in horrid, unwholesome dwellings, and a disadvantage for a man to live under healthy, pleasant, and decent conditions.
People sometimes inquire what form of government is most suitable for an artist to live under.