off campus

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*off campus

not located or present on the grounds of a college or university. (*Typically: be ~; live ~; move~.) Tom has an apartment off campus. The dean is off campus and cannot be reached.
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If you live off campus or in a dorm with a kitchen, partner with your friends to make dinner.
Students who live off campus are likely not covered by their parents' homeowners policy and may need to purchase their own renters insurance policy.
Participants also mentioned that, like nontraditional students in general, most student veterans live off campus and may not have the time or means to return to campus for evening meetings (all 10 participants in this study lived off campus).
Those who don't must apply to live off campus, unless they're staying with family, and the college assists them in understanding tenants' rights, how to negotiate with a landlord and empowers them to live on their own.
Lawrence, the guide highlights the school's “numerous sustainability initiatives,” including its new Sustainability Semester, “where students live off campus at a nearby farmstead, are exposed to environmental problems and solutions, and are guaranteed a paid internship in a sustainability-related field.
Some of the native English speakers in this study seemed not to consider allowing students to live off campus to be an important issue.
It was expected that the students who live on campus would benefit more from participating in intramural sports than the students who live off campus because of accessing to the sports facilities.
As many schools guarantee housing only for freshmen, many sophomores, who have no choice but to live off campus, struggle with maintaining appropriate academic and social interaction.
You can have the concealed carry permit and carry weapons on campus and live off campus.
But that response will primarily be for the benefit of freshmen and may encourage more upperclassmen to live off campus.
UO officials stress to students who live off campus the importance of being considerate to neighbors.
In our final year, five of us decided to rent a house and live off campus.
They also want reassurance their children won't miss out on "the college experience" if they choose to live off campus as freshmen or sophomores, which is why many buildings offer some organized activities.
More than 23,000 students live off campus, and there is a waiting list of at least 1,000 students each semester for dorms, according to CUBC data.
Texas A & M is the country's eighth largest university with 46,000 students, of whom nearly 80% live off campus.