live off

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live off (of) (someone or something)

1. To acquire or provide for one's needs by benefiting from or taking advantage of someone or something else. You can't just keep living off your brother—you need to get out there and find a job and a place of your own. I've been living off of my trust fund until I find a new job.
2. To survive by eating or drinking something, especially exclusively or very frequently. A species of insect lives off this weed, so if it is eliminated completely, the insects will die, too. I was so poor during college that I lived off of rice, beans, and pasta.
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live off (of) someone or something

to obtain one's living or means of survival from someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) You can't live off your uncle all your life! I manage to live off of my salary.
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live off

1. To survive or provide for one's needs by benefiting from someone or something: I'm living off my savings until I find a job. It's shameful to live off your parents at your age!
2. To eat some type of food frequently or exclusively: In the winter, some animals live off collections of food that they gathered during the warmer months.
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live off

/on the fat of the land
To enjoy the best of everything; live in comfort or luxury.
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Clearly, when he's ready to retire and live off his savings.
Dai Davies had made the comments after it was reported that the policing bill could cost up to 1.4million pounds should William decide to live off the Anglesey base.
Ask not what you can do for your country but ask how you can screw the country - this still applies to those who imitate the aristocrats on how to live off society, and is still glorified in English culture.
``This is the best night of my career so far but I am not going to live off this game,''enthused Marshall.
They live off bats in the same way fleas live off hedgehogs."
There is only one way to cut UK red tape and that is to get rid of those who create, enforce, interpret and live off it.
You have access to these services even if you live off the reserve.
Most snakes hibernate underground in the winter and live off stored body fat.
However, management of this business development fund is only part of the work of the Ontario Metis and Aboriginal Association (OMAA) which represents 150,000 Metis and close to 50,000 Natives who, like Metis, live off reserves.
SENIOR manager Michael Ryan has begged Westmeath's celebrating U-21s not to 'live off 60 minutes' for the rest of their careers.
A GRANDFATHER struck down by cancer has been told to live off pounds 75 a week, yet his mortgage alone is almost 10 times that amount a month.
Which organisms produce spores, live off organic matter and lack chloryphyll, making them unable to photosynthesise?
Rosen was joined on stage at the Hay Festival by three people who "live off grid" in the Powys area, which he described as a centre for the pioneering lifestyle.
THANK you for highlighting how hard it is to live off the Job-seekers' Allowance.
In these pods, which live off the Washington coast, "everybody seems to stay home with Mum," says Hoelzel.