live off

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live off (of) (someone or something)

1. To acquire or provide for one's needs by benefiting from or taking advantage of someone or something else. You can't just keep living off your brother—you need to get out there and find a job and a place of your own. I've been living off of my trust fund until I find a new job.
2. To survive by eating or drinking something, especially exclusively or very frequently. A species of insect lives off this weed, so if it is eliminated completely, the insects will die, too. I was so poor during college that I lived off of rice, beans, and pasta.
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live off (of) someone or something

to obtain one's living or means of survival from someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) You can't live off your uncle all your life! I manage to live off of my salary.
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live off

1. To survive or provide for one's needs by benefiting from someone or something: I'm living off my savings until I find a job. It's shameful to live off your parents at your age!
2. To eat some type of food frequently or exclusively: In the winter, some animals live off collections of food that they gathered during the warmer months.
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live off

/on the fat of the land
To enjoy the best of everything; live in comfort or luxury.
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A Clarence House spokesman said: "It is not unusual for an officer of Williams age and rank to live off base for reasons of privacy.
I'll try to make this work for him but don't want to live off him," she said.
On the 40th anniversary of his flight to the moon, Aldrin claims we would eventually be able to live off the resources on Mars.
For example, Johnny has allowed his thuggish backer Joe (Palminteri) to live off his hustling skills for years, unaware that Joe has sabotaged the young player's chances to break into the well-paying arena of legitimate billiards competition.
At vents, these bacteria live off hydrogen sulfide in the hot plume.
Paul metropolitan area alone, as many as 33,000 American Indians live off reservations, and a significant number of them have only tribal IDs.
This is a story about fish and fishing guides, the sea and the local people who live off the ocean's harvest.
How long are they and other so called refugees going to live off the British taxpayer?
The do-everything-wrong politicians - the nation's highest-paid - live off of the do-nothing bureaucrats - the nation's highest-paid - and get elected with help from the nation's highest-paid municipal workers.
On the mid-ocean ridge you have sea water percolating through hot rocks and eventually this produces gasses which these life forms live off.
They live off their investments and big losses force them to make hard, often detrimental, choices such as selling during a correction.
Analysts and the Securities and Exchange Commission say it is almost impossible to know how many investors live off their trades.
The student body consists of 180 women residential students, 10 women who live off campus and 10 young men who commute from off campus.
A fit 38-year-old who competed in ultramarathons and was training for a 100-mile run, Jonathan Aujay studied how to live off the land - eating bugs and plants - a survivalist who could stay alive in the wilderness where he was last seen.