live next door

live next door (to one)

To live in a house, apartment, building, etc., that is immediately adjacent to one. There has been a family living next door to us for over a year, and we still have yet to meet them. My best friend lived next door until we both started high school, when she moved to a different part of the state.
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live next door (to someone)

to live in the house or dwelling next to someone. I live next door to John. John lives next door to me. John lives next door.
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In related news, a source claimed earlier this week that Prince Harry and Markle doesn't want to live next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton.
"Failure and success live next door to each other and the doors have no number, you just knock and you don't know who is going to open.
I FIND it appalling that a man who exposed himself to a neighbour almost every day for nine years is allowed to return and live next door to her again (Gazette 8.4.15).
Well, Mary Carr, he does live next door to people on either side of him.
I would love to live next door to her just to see how she lives her everyday, normal life."
She's described by some as the girl next door, but only if you live next door to an amusement park.
John Peberdy and Wally Shaw, who live next door to each other in Dwyran, have for years contested Anglesey Show's supreme honey title.
All facing demolition - rightly or wrongly, depending on whether or not you happen to live next door.
The Swiss defender shares a flat in Dundee with teammates Andis Shala and David Robertson while Morgaro Gomis, Francisco Sandaza and Prince Buaben live next door.
Mrs Hyett and hubby Neil, 35, live next door to Shannon's mum.
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) live next door to each other but are worlds apart.
The representation of the Anglican church has been mixed in recent years, from funeral director David Fisher's conflicted relationship with his Episcopal parish in HBO's Six Feet Under (his ordination to the vocational deaconate was delayed because the parish vestry suspected he was gay), to 1997's hopeless Soul Man, which featured Dan Ackroyd as a hipster, motorcycle-riding priest (whose zany bishop seemed to live next door, so frequent were his visits), it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile the church we know with the one we see on television.