live next door

live next door (to one)

To live in a house, apartment, building, etc., that is immediately adjacent to one. There has been a family living next door to us for over a year, and we still have yet to meet them. My best friend lived next door until we both started high school, when she moved to a different part of the state.
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live next door (to someone)

to live in the house or dwelling next to someone. I live next door to John. John lives next door to me. John lives next door.
See also: door, live, next
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Failure and success live next door to each other and the doors have no number, you just knock and you don't know who is going to open.
I FIND it appalling that a man who exposed himself to a neighbour almost every day for nine years is allowed to return and live next door to her again (Gazette 8.
Well, Mary Carr, he does live next door to people on either side of him.
I would love to live next door to her just to see how she lives her everyday, normal life.
The people who live next door all seem to work at a petrol station which I think someone from Sri Lanka took over.
Mrs Hyett and hubby Neil, 35, live next door to Shannon's mum.
A woman who told her neighbours: 'I wouldn't want to live next door to me', has been ordered to stop being so noisy.
The representation of the Anglican church has been mixed in recent years, from funeral director David Fisher's conflicted relationship with his Episcopal parish in HBO's Six Feet Under (his ordination to the vocational deaconate was delayed because the parish vestry suspected he was gay), to 1997's hopeless Soul Man, which featured Dan Ackroyd as a hipster, motorcycle-riding priest (whose zany bishop seemed to live next door, so frequent were his visits), it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile the church we know with the one we see on television.
Now that we have evolved and live next door to each other but somehow we have forgotten the original need that made us to come together.
But the people who live next door to the Filipinos targeted by these dozy scumbags are furious at what has happened.
Because we live next door to people we never would have lived next door to in another era, and because we are much more involved with each other, religious pluralism is a part of our everyday reality today.
And then she added, "It's best to live next door to a Samaritan, because they make real good neighbors.
continues to be welcome around the world, and that we apply `community' and `neighbor' equally to those who live next door or on the next continent," said Daft when making the announcement.