live beyond/within your means

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live beyond (one's) means

To spend or owe more money than one is earning or is able to repay. They've been living beyond their means for some time now, but they're too proud to move out of that giant house or give up their expensive cars. Being so poor during college taught me not to live beyond my means once I got a steady job. If you keep living beyond your means, you'll deplete your bank account before you know it.
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live beyond/within your ˈmeans

live on more/less money than you have or earn: They seemed wealthy but they were living well beyond their means.I find it very hard to live within my means.
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"Try not to live beyond your means over the festive period - otherwise you might face a difficult New Year.
Make sure you don't live beyond your means and try to save a bit of cash each month, so you've got a financial buffer should your income suddenly be hit.
Don't live beyond your means, nothing comes for nothing, you've got to work hard, be patient and believe in quality.
The simple advice is - don't live beyond your means.