live among

live among (someone)

To spend a portion of one's life as an outsider within an established community. Living among the small river tribe for nearly a year has given me an insight into the ecosystem of this region that would have been otherwise impossible to glean. My parents sent me to live among the nuns in the convent at the edge of town after I was caught shoplifting.
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live among someone

to live in a community with someone or a community made up of certain people. The anthropologist lived among the small tribe for two years. They lived among the Jivaro Indians for a brief period.
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References in classic literature ?
Should I refuse to know them now simply because I happen, for the present, to live among humans?
You cannot mean that you expect to return to live among them?
It is difficult to live among men because silence is so difficult.
He found, also, a few beaver skins in their camp, for which he paid liberally, as an inducement to them to hunt for more; informing them that some of his party intended to live among the mountains, and trade with the native hunters for their peltries.
Of course it is a sad and sorry thing to have to live among strangers, and to be forced to seek their patronage, and to conceal and constrain one's own personality-- but God will help me.
Vyse was a nice woman, but her personality, like many another's, had been swamped by London, for it needs a strong head to live among many people.
Once again churches were built, priests came to live among the people, and the sound of Christian prayer and praise rose night and morning from castle and from hut.
You could not live among such people; you are stifled for want of an outlet toward something beautiful, great, or noble; you are irritated with these dull men and women, as a kind of population out of keeping with the earth on which they live,--with this rich plain where the great river flows forever onward, and links the small pulse of the old English town with the beatings of the world's mighty heart.
Lobsters live among rocks and coral reefs, as well as in sandy and clay environments and in shallow depths close to the beaches.
Just as He promised Zephaniah, He's a loving God who "will live among [us]
Arabs live among themselves in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Egypt - no Jews except a few - but are they happy?
May God help us because non of our political parties have the guts to do anything about the horrible people we live among.
com)-- They Live Among Us, the supernatural-based web series by creator Anne Lower, is scheduled to release the next 3 installments in its franchise, beginning July 17.
I DON'T know how you sleep at night You mindless, cowardly thugs If I was God I'd raise my foot And squash you all like bugs Your latest helpless victim Was ninety years of age Your acts of random violence Just fill us all with rage What a brave young man you are To prey upon the old Your heart is dead and full of lead Where his was full of gold I hope that in the years to come Your life will bring you grief That you will get what you deserve You cowardly, murderous thief If there's any justice Your time will surely come For none of you deserve to live Among us.
Many people believe it is not fair to live among murderers and drug dealers just for committing a minor crime," Osman said.