little pinkie

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little pinkie

One's pinky finger, the smallest finger on one's hand. My grandmother always wore a huge ruby on her little pinkie. The poor thing slammed the car door on his little pinkie.
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pinkie (finger)

The fifth finger on one's hand, opposite the thumb. I caught my pinkie in the car door—I think it might be broken! She wears a ring on her pinkie finger that reminds her of her mother.
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(little) pinkie

and (little) pinky
n. the littlest finger on either hand. Ouch! I smashed my pinky.
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In front of them Claudio Yacob provided the safety blanket, Craig Gardner, Youssouf Mulumbu and Chris Brunt worked like trojans and Saido Berahino worked his little pinkies to the bone.
Graham Dorrans Worked his little pinkies off at Chelsea and has done well this season, a creative gem at the minute.
Did he extrapolate that from reading about the wolf that blew houses down and without counting on the little pinkies of his hand, the number of times the rallies have really been peaceful?
We've seen it and it's fabulous 8&9 FOOD Little pinkies at the ready!
I READ in the Chronicle, Sept 14, MP Kevan Jones wanting more and more compensation for the miners' lung diseases and a little bit of discolouration to one of their little pinkies.
But you won't see any GOP congressmen walking around Capitol Hill with their arms in slings; most of them whimpered and caved in at the first pressure on their little pinkies. The magnitude and brazenness of the vote-buying and arm-twisting invites comparison to the 1993 vote on NAFTA.
Make-up sponges Essential for foundation lovers as they reach down into creases your fat little pinkies can't reach.