little pinkie

little pinkie

One's pinky finger, the smallest finger on one's hand. My grandmother always wore a huge ruby on her little pinkie. The poor thing slammed the car door on his little pinkie.
See also: little, pinkie

pinkie (finger)

The fifth finger on one's hand, opposite the thumb. I caught my pinkie in the car door—I think it might be broken! She wears a ring on her pinkie finger that reminds her of her mother.
See also: pinkie

(little) pinkie

and (little) pinky
n. the littlest finger on either hand. Ouch! I smashed my pinky.
See also: little, pinkie
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The semi-final in 1983 was an easy victory for the American who famously suggested that he had 'more talent in his little pinkie than Lendl had in his whole body'.
And, if you like to put on your Downton Abbey frocks and go out for a spot of tea and put your little pinkie in the air, then Saturday will give you just the chance.
But his claims were dramatically disproved this week after gardai found his right little pinkie attached to the metal spike of an office fence.
Written by porcine aficionado Linda Elliott, When Little Pinkie Gets Her Wings is a softcover children's picturebook with a touch of magic.
The England front row is not the place for creativity, although their fans would probably tell you Andy Sheridan could tenderise a whole side of beef with his little pinkie.
Because if she didn't, with his demitasse spoon and his little pinkie sticking way out, he'd eat what was under her skull.
SO, the "Hayemaker" turned out to be a man of straw and now he's blaming his little pinkie toe for his failure to deliver on his disgusting trash-talking braggadocio right up to the seconds before the "big-fight" in Hamburg at the weekend.
If it wasn't for the darts I don't think Alf would have bothered coming to the doctor's to find out what was happening to his third finger and little pinkie, which were gradually curling into his palm and had become stiff.
Listen mate,' he said, putting his arm around 85-year-old Dr Jack, 'this gentleman here has got more Lions knowledge in his little pinkie than the rest of us will ever have.
When it's a work day and your alarm goes off, you can barely manage to move your little pinkie.
A little pinkie injury is not going to stop anybody playing.
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Why didn't Titus wait for a break in play to have his little pinkie put back into place?
Nicklaus has more in his little pinkie than most of the petulant, spoilt brats in the sport.
In front of them Claudio Yacob provided the safety blanket, Craig Gardner, Youssouf Mulumbu and Chris Brunt worked like trojans and Saido Berahino worked his little pinkies to the bone.