little bit

little bit (of something)

a small amount; some. Can I have a little bit of candy? I need a little bit of time to finish this essay.
See also: bit, little
References in classic literature ?
And wasn't it mesilf, sure, that jist giv'd it the laste little bit of a squaze in the world, all in the way of a commincement, and not to be too rough wid her leddyship?
What was there in the little bit of pleasure you took last night that made it necessary for you to be low-spirited and sorrowful tonight?
Miss Bates, let Emma help you to a little bit of tarta very little bit.
Murphy shrieked to the moon: "Oh, ar-r-Mike, f'r Gawd's sake, where is me little bit av a boy?
You look very much worried, and it would do you good to have a perfectly quiet day with the Aged - he'll be up presently - and a little bit of - you remember the pig?
She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, `Which way?
Thus was one little bit of her revealed to me at once: I wonder if I took note of it.
She eats and drinks and sleeps like a sensible creature, she looks straight in my face when I talk about that man, and only blushes a little bit when Teddy jokes about lovers.
Have you never felt one little bit of what you used to feel when we were at the dairy?
I can play from half past four to supper and after supper a little bit and Saturday afternoons.
Omer, touching me with his pipe, 'it ain't likely that a man so short of breath as myself, and a grandfather too, would go and strain points with a little bit of a blue-eyed blossom, like her?
Two times and a half, and a little bit more," said Sylvie.
The rabbits were always a little bit afraid of Pickles.
So I've only this here one little bit of adwice to give you.
One soldier only sees a little bit of his own corner of the fight, you know.