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litter something about

 and litter something around
to cast around something, such as trash, clothing, personal possessions, etc. Don't litter all that stuff about. I wish you wouldn't litter your trash around.
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litter something up

to mess something up with litter, trash, possessions, etc. Who littered this room up? Who littered up this room?
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runt of the litter

1. Lit. the smallest animal born in a litter; the animal in a litter least likely to survive. No one wanted to buy the runt of the litter, so we kept it.
2. and the runt of the family Fig. the smallest child in the family. I was the runt of the litter and the butt of all the jokes.
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pick of the litter

The best of a group, as in He was first in the ticket line so he had the pick of the litter. This term, alluding to the most desirable one from a litter of puppies or kittens, supplanted such earlier variants as pick of the market, pick of the parish, and pick of the basket. [Early 1900s]
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The State Government is committed to reducing littering in Tasmania, and has done a number of things over the past few years to help with this goal.
This is a good result, but despite this success, WA still has one of the highest levels of littering in Australia.
Davis is the spokesperson for the 'Plastics 2020 Challenge', an initiative launched in the UK in 2009 designed to challenge industry, consumers and Government to prevent the landfilling and littering of plastics by 2020.
Tobacco products, consisting mainly of cigarette butts, are the most-littered item in America, representing nearly 38 percent of all items, according to "Litter in America," KAB's landmark 2009 study of litter and littering behavior.
It is time these companies took much greater responsibility for preventing littering of their products and for the cost of the clean-up.
Dave Fern, Tamworth Council's community safety manager, said: "We felt that it is important to cover all of the high schools in Tamworth, to make sure that every young person is educated about the importance of littering and the effect it can have.
Now anyone who witnesses a person littering can report it and trigger action to improve the quality of the environment and the cleanliness of our roadways.
Segmentation 2006, repeated a similar study conducted in 2001 to see whether attitudes towards littering have changed.
A clampdown on littering in Darlington resulted in more than 30 people taken to court last month.
Today environmental campaigners warned no-one was exempt from littering laws.
Members are virtually certain to consider public-education campaigns to get people to stop littering, to bring their own reusable bags when they shop, and to participate in neighborhood cleanup programs.
The study on urban littering reported filthy streets in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Galway.
Fixed penalty notices for littering will be enforced along with litter controls, which will include private car parks and industrial estates being targeted.
Having said that, we do comply with the Government s code of practice on litter and refuse and the 1990 Environmental Protection Act and carry out general daily and specific monthly inspections of the road network in which the extent of littering and fly-tipping is assessed and we can plan litter clearance accordingly.
It aims to develop a clear policy for litter bins and create a zero tolerance approach for enforcement of littering, dog-fouling, fly-tipping and graffiti.