litter about

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litter (something) about

To throw things on the ground in an untidy manner. My roommate is always littering his clothes about the house. It drives me crazy! You really shouldn't litter your trash about like that.
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litter something about

 and litter something around
to cast around something, such as trash, clothing, personal possessions, etc. Don't litter all that stuff about. I wish you wouldn't litter your trash around.
See also: litter
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He blinked at the litter around him, and recovered his own very clumsy umbrella.
What is also really alarming is the amount of litter around the children's play area.
Environmental groups said the move will have a dramatic impact on litter around Scotland's beautiful coastline.
Thin out the crowns and remove dead leaf litter around them.
But during weekends or during holidays, we do see litter around and in the washrooms," she said.
Expatriate takes inspiration from a bingo card post on Instagram to help pick up litter around the city
Lauren Berry, of Golcar, who spends time picking litter around her home 040119Alau_01 ANDY CATCHPOOL
Dressed in Santa hats and up against freezing temperatures, children from Gryffe High, St Fillan's Primary and Houston Primary got stuck in to clear litter around the village.
It's the second scheme run by the council as part of Keep Scotland Beautiful, aiming to reduce litter around trunk roads by replacing layby bins with signs urging drivers to take their rubbish home.
"They spent two hours picking up litter around the local area, and when they were finished we had a chat about what they'd done.
Situation has turned to be unbearable due to stench from the waste litter around the bins placed by Solid Waste Management Board on thoroughfares in the metropolis.
Even smaller initiatives, such as the junior Blues collecting litter around Goodison on matchday, makes a difference.
"I've been walking my dogs and noticed the amount of litter around where we normally run, including things like sports gels.
The students spent three hours picking up litter around upper and lower Bangor as part of a new project, 'Internationals Go Green', organised by the University's International Student Support Office.