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litmus test

1. A chemical test used to determine acidity or alkalinity in a solution. The students performed a litmus test in class to learn whether the chemical solution was an acid or a base.
2. A test used to determine someone's true intentions or beliefs. I used his reaction to my favorite movie as a litmus test to determine if he was worth dating.
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litmus test

1. Lit. a test used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of chemical substances. (Acid turns litmus paper red and alkaline compounds turn it blue.) I used a litmus test to show that the compound was slightly acid.
2. Fig. a question or experiment that seeks to determine the state of one important factor. His performance on the long exam served as a litmus test to determine whether he would go to college. The amount of white cells in my blood became the litmus test for diagnosing my disease.
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a litmus test

COMMON If something is a litmus test of the quality or success of a particular thing, it is an effective way of proving it or measuring it. My personal litmus test when I have to decide whether to keep or discard something is whether or not I look at and enjoy it every day. The success of wind power represents a litmus test for renewable energy. Note: Litmus paper is used to test the acidity of substances. It turns red in acid conditions and blue in alkaline conditions.
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But the Smithsonian controversy offers an occasion to see the theological weakness of such arguments--and of such litmus tests.
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The real litmus test would be to reach out to the common man.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- One of the senior aides of the Iranian President on Wednesday said that Iran views its talks with the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) as a litmus test of the West's good will and honesty.
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Investors viewed the IPO as a crucial litmus test to determine whether other hedge funds will follow Fortress onto the stock market.
Perhaps nothing better exemplified the district than 7 World Trade Center, whose leasing success many considered a litmus test for the long-term prospects of the district and the need for the millions of squaree feet of new office space planned at the WTC site.