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litmus test

1. A chemical test used to determine acidity or alkalinity in a solution. The students performed a litmus test in class to learn whether the chemical solution was an acid or a base.
2. A test used to determine someone's true intentions or beliefs. I used his reaction to my favorite movie as a litmus test to determine if he was worth dating.
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litmus test

1. Lit. a test used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of chemical substances. (Acid turns litmus paper red and alkaline compounds turn it blue.) I used a litmus test to show that the compound was slightly acid.
2. Fig. a question or experiment that seeks to determine the state of one important factor. His performance on the long exam served as a litmus test to determine whether he would go to college. The amount of white cells in my blood became the litmus test for diagnosing my disease.
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a litmus test

COMMON If something is a litmus test of the quality or success of a particular thing, it is an effective way of proving it or measuring it. My personal litmus test when I have to decide whether to keep or discard something is whether or not I look at and enjoy it every day. The success of wind power represents a litmus test for renewable energy. Note: Litmus paper is used to test the acidity of substances. It turns red in acid conditions and blue in alkaline conditions.
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About Litmus Logic: Litmus Logic is a leader in implementing security strategies that compete.
The new design resonates the creativity reflecting in the designs of Litmus while the new layout makes the creative portfolio and case studies accessible to the users.
Since 2005 Litmus has tested over 85 million emails, and is relied upon by more than 60,000 agencies, marketers and designers worldwide.
The report is the first of its kind, with the data compiled from a study of 14 million email recipients using a new technology called Litmus Email Analytics.
Last month, NARAL demanded that an abortion litmus list be imposed on any Supreme Court nominee.
Benjamin Jennings, chairman of Think Partnership, stated, "We view our acquisition of Litmus Media and this merger with IceRocket as marking a new beginning for our company.
Senators urging them not to use a pro-abortion litmus test for nominees.
Nicholson and his allies triumphed, but only alter Lambert and other Religious Right activists lofted a procedural vote on the issue that can be used as a litmus test in the coming inter-party infighting.
THK") (AMEX:THK) (the "Company") today announced that it has successfully closed e acquisition of Litmus Media, Inc.
Music executives and investors alike looked to Warner's debut as a litmus test for the industry.
Kerry's views on issues such as an abortion litmus test for judges, affirmative action, and gay marriage place him solidly on the Left and should alarm moderate Americans.
Foley said Catholic newspapers should be able to judge ads from candidates based on whether or not the office-seeker holds views that conform with church teaching, using abortion as a litmus test.
the "Company") (AMEX: THK) announced today that it has amended its previously announced agreement to acquire Litmus Media, Inc.
To deny potential candidates a vote because they do not pass a leftist litmus test is to deny democracy to millions of Americans who want a vote.
John Kerry has said he would apply a litmus test to his Court nominees -- and we believe him," Coffin noted.