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litmus test

1. A chemical test used to determine acidity or alkalinity in a solution. The students performed a litmus test in class to learn whether the chemical solution was an acid or a base.
2. A decisive indication of the standard of some quality or characteristic. These polls aren't precise, but they are a good litmus test for the general popularity of political candidates.
3. A test used to determine someone's true intentions or beliefs. I used his reaction to my favorite movie as a litmus test to determine if he was worth dating.
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pass the litmus test

To successfully meet certain standards or criteria. Before I decide that I want to date him, he'll need to watch my favorite movie with me so I can see if he passes the litmus test. A candidate's position on this issue determines whether or not they pass the litmus test for public support in this region.
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litmus test

1. Lit. a test used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of chemical substances. (Acid turns litmus paper red and alkaline compounds turn it blue.) I used a litmus test to show that the compound was slightly acid.
2. Fig. a question or experiment that seeks to determine the state of one important factor. His performance on the long exam served as a litmus test to determine whether he would go to college. The amount of white cells in my blood became the litmus test for diagnosing my disease.
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a litmus test

COMMON If something is a litmus test of the quality or success of a particular thing, it is an effective way of proving it or measuring it. My personal litmus test when I have to decide whether to keep or discard something is whether or not I look at and enjoy it every day. The success of wind power represents a litmus test for renewable energy. Note: Litmus paper is used to test the acidity of substances. It turns red in acid conditions and blue in alkaline conditions.
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'LITMUS now has a critical mass of partners and access to a cohort of over 6500 well-characterised patients recruited into the European NAFLD Registry.
The LITMUS project, supported by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, will allow us to work with expert colleagues to design and test new ways of using data and technology to increase citizens' access to the richness of our living tradition throughout Europe and globally".
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The acquisition follows Litmus' USD 49m investment from Spectrum Equity last October and is the company's second acquisition following its purchase of PutsMail.
"Cancun is the first major litmus test of the Arms Trade Treaty, and a great opportunity for countries to make history by pursuing the goals of the treaty designed to save lives," Mexican daily La Jornada quoted Marek Marczynski, Amnesty International's head of military, security and police, as saying on Thursday.
A newly developed government-financed litmus test will show within minutes whether meat samples seized from poachers are whale or dolphin meat, Council of Agriculture officials said.
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The litmus test will be the introduction of an EU-wide collective redress system for the benefit of its 500 million consumers," commented BEUC Director-General Monique Goyens, in a statement released on 22 May.
<![CDATA[ What might be a good indicator or litmus test of the direction in which Libya is going?
The Savings-to-Employment Income Ratio is a litmus test for estimating the health of an investor's retirement savings and requires only a few pieces of information to calculate.
RESEARCHERS WITH THE NAtional Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson and Little Rock biotech firm Litmus Rapid-B have developed a method of detecting E.