light into (someone or something)

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light into (someone or something)

1. To verbally or physically attack or accost someone. He's been lighting into the customer service representative for about half an hour now over our canceled flight. You can't just light into him anytime he doesn't do what we say—he's just a child! The actor lit into the film industry for allowing such abhorrent behavior to go unchecked.
2. To begin or undertake some task or activity at once and with great enthusiasm. We lit into the project as soon as the meeting was over. She always lights into her assignments and has them completed well before anyone else in class.
3. To venture into some place or thing at once or with haste. The prisoner scaled the wall and lit into the night. The adventurer drew her machete and lit into the dense green jungle.
4. To begin eating something with great relish or appetite. The whole table had been lighting into the meal for nearly an hour, and there was still a ton of food left over.
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light into

To attack someone or something verbally or physically; assail someone or something: The two movie stars lit into the reporters for following them around.
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light into someone

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