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Spinola, "Clearly, an open system of exchange makes the industry more efficient because brokers will spend less time looking for exclusive listings, and more time closing deals.
The monthly charge for a White Pages Banner Listing ranges from $23 to $222 per month, depending on the size of the market.
As a result of such visibility, a listing can enchance your company's reputation.
As the owner of a 25-agent brokerage firm, she was tech-savvy enough to know computers were banging at her door and did pay a company to create a website that contained her firm's listings.
NewMarket maximizes shareholder return on investment by independent listing of consolidated regional and emerging technology subsidiaries in order to issue subsidiary stock in shareholder dividends.
Through the system, which goes into effect January 19, 2005, brokerage firms and owners will obtain new property listings more efficiently without having to rely on time-consuming methods of finding space, such as phone calls and site visits.
By listing Energy Metals Corporation on NYSE Arca, we have reached an important milestone in the recognition of the company's continuing growth.
In that period of time, exclusive agreements were rare and homeowners would contact all of the real estate brokers in an area and give them an open listing Brokers found themselves frustrated when, after significant effort and the production of an interested purchaser, the property had already been sold by another broker or by the owner.
5 million in its NYSE Arca IPO, is the 20th exclusive listing on NYSE Arca year-to-date.
For home sellers listing with Houlihan/Lawrence, their properties are displayed on the local website and on top websites across the country.
To celebrate the company's listing, Chairman & CEO Robert L.
Launched in New York in May of 1999, the Silicon Alley firm, is achieving strong results from brokers and landlords listing their smaller availabilities and the prospective tenants who have small space needs.
Co The board of Medicover has decided to call an extraordinary general meeting on 9th November 2006 to decide on a de-listing as a consequence of that the company does not comply with the listing requirements for the Stockholm Stock Exchange's regarding diversification of the shareholder base
The city's three largest residential brokerage firms are joining forces to establish a multiple listing service in early 2001, whereby brokers and homeowners will be able to view a central database of real estate listings combined from the three companies.