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Lister, is often referred to as the first modern lesbian.
Tailoring the wheels, exhaust, suspension and braking systems of the popular LFT-666 coupe to suit the new convertible ensures the car delivers both road comfort and track performance, says Lister.
Gentleman Jack tells the story of Miss Lister, of Shibden Hall in West Yorkshire, a lesbian businesswoman, with many questions raised over her relationship with Lady Cameron prior to her marriage.
Lister was spotted swigging vodka behind his motor at the supermarket in Johnstone High Street.
Ms O'Brien said one of the challenges was helping the actresses playing Lister's lovers to feel valued, when they sometimes had no lines "other than sexual noises".
Lister was apprehended by police just before 1:30 a.m.
Lister was among the targets mocked in Thomas Shadwell's play The Virtuoso (1676), whose central character, Sir Nicholas Gimcrack, spends days in microscopic contemplation of an ant's 'fundament', and who 'has studi'd these twenty years to find out the several sorts of Spiders, and never cares for understanding Mankind'.
Lister say early customer interest in the Jaguar F-Pace based LFP is already considerable, prompting the company to open its order book ahead of the official reveal of the model.
"Originally, we named the prototype the Lister 'Thunder' ", he says, "however, due to future model lineage, all 99-production models will now be known as the Lister LFT-666, a befitting title and one where an intrigued passerby instantly knows the brake horse power of each Lister model.
New Known as Lister Drive Library and now referred to locally, including by Lister Steps, as The Old Library, the born-again building will enable the charity to relocate its nearby childcare and family support services and to also offer new opportunities to the wider community.
The company declared a profit of PS16.5 million in 2016 and the Lister family stake is worth at least PS110 million.
Once refurbishment work is complete, the old library will be taken over by local charity Lister Steps, which has been providing childcare and family support to local residents for the past 20 years.
Frederick Lister, 45, the owner of a recruitment agency, made threats to her and her new partner, saying he would be killed by gangsters.