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Mr Lister and Mr Bradshaw began in business with a single dealership and body shop in Coventry.
Plans for the restored building include generating new jobs and training opportunities, as well as hosting a licensed cafe, an events space, an affordable childcare service provided by Lister Steps charity, a healthy food takeaway, a co-working space and facilities to help local people socialise, learn new skills and hobbies.
The prosecution applied for a remand in custody but Lister was bailed pending sentence on condition that he does not approach the victim in any way or go to her address.
And now neighbourhood officers in Gateshead West have secured a Criminal Behaviour Order Scott made of residents Pacha against Lister that states he "must not behave in a way that causes harassment, alarm or distress".
Prosecutor Heather Gilmore told Bradford Crown Court that Lister, of Broadlea, Elland, had been overpaying herself while working at Crossley Webb and in total she had stolen PS32,700.
From left are Michael Lister, James Lister, Katie Anderson and Edward Anderson KEITH TAYLOR
Most recently, Lister served as the division president, flexible products and services at Greif, Inc.
Each is built using the same techniques as the original 1950s Knobbly, following the acquisition of Lister Motor Company by Andrew and Lawrence Whittaker in 2013.
By the early 1900s, Lister was producing not only dairy equipment, but also sheep-shearing machinery.
It's very difficult to take," said Lister yesterday.
Stephen Lister, who was earlier ILS manager for the Bermuda office of global independent insurance manager Kane, joined Securis lately after shifting to London.
He said he hoped Lister would be remembered as "a racing team that played the game".
Relaunched at the end of 2013, just at the turn of its 60th anniversary, The Lister Motor Company has won several orders for its 'Knobbly' sports racing cars from customers keen to buy into the heritage of the historic firm.
Lister managing director, Lawrence Whittaker, said, 'Our aspiration has always been to return the Lister brand to the forefront of people's minds.