listen to

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listen to someone or something

1. to pay attention to and hear someone or something. Listen to me! Hear what I have to say! I want to listen to his speech.
2. to heed someone, orders, or advice. Listen to me! Do what I tell you! You really should listen to his advice.
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The following example activity would precede a listening task where learners listen to a speech about programs of study at a university.
Drawing on musicology to demonstrate how we might listen to, and learn from, others, McRae (2015) argued that there are multiple modes of listening that fashion our experiences with the social world.
And most important, do you in fact listen to learn?
Focus on Research: We listen to a book a day; we speak a book a week: Learning from Walter Loban.
We listen as the truth of who we are is told; we listen to our sins, our selfishness, our greed, our apathy, our laziness.
When God tells Abraham everything that Sarah says to you, listen to her voice God did not say "you shall do," rather God said "listen.
This technique requires students to listen to an audio recording without any kind of warm up from the teacher.
Recent technical innovations allow subscribers with portable MP3 players to use technology for downloading podcasts and to listen to files at one's own convenience.
Have the staff listen to a presentation and have them determine whether the speaker had adequately prepared.
It is a visual mnemonic that the teacher-librarian can use to help elementary students get their bodies physically ready to listen to a story, a presenter, environmental sounds, a musician, or any other form of auditory information.
Since his musical taste includes ``everything but rap,'' 51-year-old Slocum uses both services to listen to Christmas music, blues and classical.
Now go,/ listen to the mountains,/ winged-feather/ spirits, four-leggeds, even/ scale-bodies athrob/ in water.
EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE, even if you listen to tons of new music, there's a clarifying band, a band that makes you go, "Fuck.
The type of music I listen to most of the time is not commercial music, just for the simple fact that they're not helping the people uplift themselves," says Panama.