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* A liability policy covering the pharmaceutical operations of an entity listed as an illegal drug trafficker
Those required to make periodic reports under Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Section 13 or 15(d), are now required to disclose in those reports the payment of (1) a penalty imposed for failing to disclose a listed transaction; (2) an understatement penalty resulting from a failure to disclose a listed or reportable transaction; and (3) a gross valuation misstatement penalty under Sec.
Aristotle, the gateway to the study of Thomistic theology; was the most prominent here, as thirty-three priests listed one or more of his works, but only three the works of Plato.
(5) If a return filed prior to July 1, 2002, involved an undisclosed listed transaction, the IRS may request the tax accrual workpapers pertaining to that transaction.
Webb, Jr." There is some chance that this is the same Frank Webb who is listed as a doctor renting a house in the 1900 U.S.
TopList Software provides mailing addresses and phone numbers of the companies listed as well as information on black organizations.
Corn's 11 books of poetry and fiction include Part of His Stow, another novel not listed among the 100 Best.
The State then decided not to designate Coleman Station and annulled the determination which listed Coleman Station on the State Register.
If you are a list owner or list manager and do not see your new list listed here, please alert mIn to make sure they have it on record.
If a civilian equivalent is available, that is listed and the same information and choices are available as reported above.
Send your suggestions for places to be listed in a future article to our new e-mail address,, with the subject line reading "Cyberspace Suggestions."
Injection machines are listed by brand, model number, year built, condition, four numerical specs (e.g., clamp force, shot size), and four features (e.g., solid-state control, hydraulic core-pull).
However, because the tobacco industry considers these additives a trade secret, Congress stipulated that no federal official may disclose the identity of listed chemicals, regardless of how innocuous they may seem.
A recent example is a French oil company, Elf Aquitaine, which listed in New York earlier this year.