list off

list someone or something off

to recite a list of people or things, one by one. She listed everyone off in order without having to look at her notes. She listed off the names of the people who are always late. Dale listed each one off.
See also: list, off
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Dunaden: last season's Melbourne Cup and Hong Kong Vase winner could get your list off to the perfect start at Newmarket this afternoon
We get to look at a candidate in its entirety - education and employment - not just someone on a list off an exam.
I am a well endowed person and don't believe in the size zero battle and saris make me look good," said Balan who is known for her consistently good performances on screen in nonmainstream roles but has often found herself on the ' worst dressed celebrity' list off screen.
Most readers of The NonProfit Times could easily add to that list off the tops of their heads.
IF an early start yesterday was beyond you, get your new year spotting list off to a healthy start this weekend with a tour of anything from the whole region to the town park.
Coast Guard Chief Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo said 880 of 968 passengers and crewmen on board the Superferry 9 were transferred to two nearby commercial ships and a navy gunboat hours after the ferry began to list off Zamboanga del Norte province before dawn.
The list of famous moustached men reads like a roll call from the cast list off One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Rounding the list off are Mark Lee from England, Aussie Matt Downing, Canadian Kevin Mignon Anthony Fraser from England, Spaniard Leo Margets, Germany's Michael Clees, Argentina's Alberto Salvatierra, Sweden's Chen Zhiyong, Robert Hauke and Sarnow Florian from Germany and Bojan Gledovic from Serbia.
Finally, close the "terror gap" that currently Leaves individuals on the nation's terrorist "no fly" List off the list of those prohibited from purchasing guns.
Full list off winners and rules available on request.
I better hurry up and drop this list off on the kitchen counter before I end up with another pair of socks and a new tie.
The Power Profiles that set the Power List off from any other list that might come to hand, are of particular interest, we are told.
Culled from RCA's back catalogue of operettas from the past 50 years, the collection contains practically every major number even the dedicated operetta buff could list off the top of his head.
They're going to list off every worst possibility and then finish with a bit of good news.
At one point he was heard complaining about an associate not paying his drug debt and saying he would have to take his list off him.