list off

list someone or something off

to recite a list of people or things, one by one. She listed everyone off in order without having to look at her notes. She listed off the names of the people who are always late. Dale listed each one off.
See also: list, off
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Brewington suggested leading yes or no questions, prompting Witt to list off a series of questions to ask that would require more, like what time did the client start drinking, or how many drinks had they had.
It would be in bad taste to not start our list off by mentioning one of Hollywood's most famed bachelors, George Clooney.
I didn't eat a lot either, I could nearly list off what I ate - two tubs of rice pudding, a small bit of Christmas pudding, one piece of melon and nine packets of Fruit Pastilles.
A cargo ship with about two dozen crewmen radioed for help as their vessel started to list off Batangas.
Both a full preliminary list off attendees and the interview with BARDA, is available to download online in the event "download center" at http://www.
At one point he was heard complaining about an associate not paying his drug debt and saying he would have to take his list off him.
Abdulhaq went on to list off a number of recent novels, in order to demonstrate the breadth of the phenomenon.
For this column I want to list off a few of the listening activities we participated in.
He ranks 11th in this year's Sunday Times Giving List off the back of those donations, which cover primarily the purchase of Auckland Castle and the Zurbaran paintings inside it.
Once they list off the worst case scenarios they can make exit plans, and think of ways they can avoid those scenarios from occurring in the first place.
Now shopping is about the convenience of sitting on your couch and ticking your list off with the click of a mouse.
In this offering, the family is unsure what Mrs Brown's grandson Bono wants for Christmas, and because he's already posted his wish list off to Santa, it's proving tricky to find out.
Forty-five minutes later, I was slamming the car door shut on my elbow and my bag-for-life and sprinting for the supermarket door, peeling the shopping list off my anxious top lip.
Foster + Partners (Lord Norman Foster), Rogers Stirk Harhour + Partners (Lord Richard Rogers), OMA (Rem Koolhaas) and Zaha Hadid Architects are taking part after L&L Holding narrowed its original list off 11 architects to the four selected firm.
Lively, Google Buzz, Google Video, Google Wave, Google Answers, Google TV, and Google TV 2 are just the abject failures I can list off the top of my head.