list as

list (someone or something) as one of (someone or something)

To include someone or something as one of the people or things on a list. Often used in passive constructions. Be sure to list that antique as one of the items destroyed in the fire—we can get a decent amount of money for it from the insurance payout. She is listed as one of the company's beneficiaries, but I don't see any records of the payments you say were made to her.
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list someone as something

to categorize someone as something, usually in a written list. I will list you as a contributor to the Preservation Fund, if you don't mind. Although she was not registered as such, she listed herself as a stockbroker.
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Under the new rules, if the minimum-fee threshold is exceeded, a material advisor's obligation to prepare and maintain a list as to a particular reportable transaction should coincide in almost every case with the taxpayer's obligation to disclose it.
(39) Post-transaction advice may trigger the listing requirement, because the temporary regulations require a material advisor to list a person if he orshe knows (or has reason to know) that the person or any related party participated in or will participate in a reportable transaction.
*Tread carefully if you are considering buying a list as opposed to renting it.
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