list among

list (someone or something) among

1. To categorize someone or something as belonging to a particular group. Of course I want him to be in my wedding—I list him among my very best friends. Honestly, I'd list it among the greatest films of the last century.
2. To include someone or something in a list or people or things. Often used in passive constructions. Be sure to list that antique among the items destroyed in the fire—we can get a decent amount of money for it from the insurance payout. She is listed among the company's beneficiaries, but I don't see any records of the payments you say were made to her.
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list someone or something among something

to include someone or something in a particular category. I list George among the all-time greats. I have to list the budget committee as the most efficient ever.
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MUZAFFARABAD -- AJK Secretary Tourism Midhat Shahzad Saturday visited different tourist sites and directed business owners to provide hygienic facilities besides selling edible items on approved price list among tourists.
top the list among the CIS countries seeking asylum in European countries.
Summary: Ten women have topped the list among the highest number of traffic violations and they have to pay Dh1,187,000 in total to the General Department of the Dubai Police.
She was breathing easy after a test of her lung function put her top of the list among her fellow AMs.
The 26-year-old topped the list among Orange customers, the Orange Digital Media Index showed.
In addition the airline also revealed that it ranked high on the list in the category of airport lounges, with the Delta Crown Room Club at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport topping the list among US carriers and ranking highest in ease of access.
* Dividing your client list among your staff members and having them (or an intern) make calls.