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can't hold (one's) drink

Has a low tolerance for alcohol; becomes drunk after consuming only a small amount of alcohol. A: "Wow, how much did those two have to drink?" B: "Hardly anything—they just can't hold their drink."
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hard liquor

Any distilled alcoholic beverage, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. "Hard" here is a reference to the higher percentage of alcohol in comparison to wine or beer. Primarily heard in US, Canada. I've learned to steer clear of hard liquor if I want to avoid a hangover the next day!
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hold (one's) liquor

To be able to consume alcohol without becoming noticeably intoxicated or exhibiting other negative effects, such as becoming ill or unconscious. To have a high tolerance for alcohol. I'm sorry for acting like such a fool at the party—I don't even remember what happened. I guess I just can't hold my liquor. A: "Wow, Jennifer has had five cocktails and still seems totally sober." B: "Oh yeah, that girl can hold her liquor."
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liquor store

slang A store where one can buy alcohol for consumption elsewhere. Often a specialty store that primarily sells wine and spirits. Hey, can you stop at the liquor store and pick up some wine on your way home?
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liquor up

1. To consume alcohol, especially with the aim of getting drunk. We started liquoring up around 2 PM, so by dinner time we were all thoroughly hammered. I kind of regret getting liquored up so often when I was in college—I had fun at the time, but I can barely remember it now.
2. To urge, encourage, compel, or facilitate someone to consume alcohol or become drunk. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "liquor" and "up." I hadn't intended to liquor us all up over dinner, but I had the wine there and thought I might as well open it all. I could tell he was trying to liquor me up to make me more amenable to the idea of spending the night with him.
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not hold (one's) liquor

To be easily and negatively affected by alcohol, especially becoming ill or unconscious. I'm sorry for acting like such a fool at the party—I don't even remember what happened. I guess I just can't hold my liquor. A: "Wow, Jennifer has had five cocktails and still seems totally sober." B: "No one ever said she couldn't hold her liquor."
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hold one's liquor

Fig. to be able to drink alcohol in quantity without ill effects. Old Jed can sure hold his liquorand a lot of it, too. I asked him to leave because he can't hold his liquor.
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liquor someone up

to get someone tipsy or drunk. He liquored her up and tried to take her home with him. They liquored up the out-of-town visitors.
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liquor up

to drink an alcoholic beverage, especially to excess. Sam sat around all evening liquoring up. They seem to liquor up almost every night of the week.
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hard liquor

Distilled alcoholic beverages, such as gin or whiskey. For example, We're serving wine and beer but no hard liquor. The hard here refers to their high alcoholic content, which is also true for hard cider, although the latter is not distilled but has simply fermented.
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liquor up

1. To cause or encourage someone to consume alcohol: They liquored me up and asked me where I hid the money. My boss is at a bar liquoring up some potential investors.
2. To become drunk. Used in the passive: I got liquored up on whiskey and started a fight.
3. To consume alcoholic beverages steadily: They've been liquoring up in the bar all day.
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hard liquor

n. potent liquor such as whiskey, gin, rum, etc. Stay off of hard liquor until your stomach feels better.
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hold one’s liquor

tv. to be able to drink alcohol in quantity without ill effects. Old Jed can sure hold his liquor—and a lot of it, too.
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