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hard liquor

Any distilled alcoholic beverage, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. "Hard" here is a reference to the higher percentage of alcohol in comparison to wine or beer. Primarily heard in US, Canada. I've learned to steer clear of hard liquor if I want to avoid a hangover the next day!
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can't hold (one's) drink

Has a low tolerance for alcohol; becomes drunk after consuming only a small amount of alcohol. A: "Wow, how much did those two have to drink?" B: "Hardly anything—they just can't hold their drink."
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not hold (one's) liquor

To be greatly and negatively affected by alcohol, especially becoming ill or unconscious. I'm sorry for acting like such a fool at the party—I don't even remember what happened. I guess I just can't hold my liquor. A: "Wow, Jennifer is on her fifth pint and still seems totally sober." B: "I wonder where she learned to hold her liquor like that."
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hold one's liquor

Fig. to be able to drink alcohol in quantity without ill effects. Old Jed can sure hold his liquorand a lot of it, too. I asked him to leave because he can't hold his liquor.
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liquor someone up

to get someone tipsy or drunk. He liquored her up and tried to take her home with him. They liquored up the out-of-town visitors.
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liquor up

to drink an alcoholic beverage, especially to excess. Sam sat around all evening liquoring up. They seem to liquor up almost every night of the week.
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hard liquor

Distilled alcoholic beverages, such as gin or whiskey. For example, We're serving wine and beer but no hard liquor. The hard here refers to their high alcoholic content, which is also true for hard cider, although the latter is not distilled but has simply fermented.
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liquor up

1. To cause or encourage someone to consume alcohol: They liquored me up and asked me where I hid the money. My boss is at a bar liquoring up some potential investors.
2. To become drunk. Used in the passive: I got liquored up on whiskey and started a fight.
3. To consume alcoholic beverages steadily: They've been liquoring up in the bar all day.
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hard liquor

n. potent liquor such as whiskey, gin, rum, etc. Stay off of hard liquor until your stomach feels better.
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hold one’s liquor

tv. to be able to drink alcohol in quantity without ill effects. Old Jed can sure hold his liquor—and a lot of it, too.
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References in classic literature ?
Again he filled their glasses with the liquor of youth, enough of which still remained in the vase to turn half the old people in the city to the age of their own grandchildren.
As long as my liquor lasted he stopped; when it was gone, he went away.
The liquor worked its will with me; the talk of Scotty and the harpooner poured through the pent space of the Idler's cabin and through my brain like great gusts of wide, free wind; and in imagination I lived my years to come and rocked over the wild, mad, glorious world on multitudinous adventures.
He requires to be kept from liquor, as other madmen require to be kept from attempting their own lives, or the lives of those about them.
Send her here,' said Sikes, pouring out a glass of liquor.
Liquor is a profound art", as one of the six distilling liquors in the world, nearly 98% of liquor is water and alcohol, with only 2% being the ingredients that create the aroma and decide the style, taste and characteristic of the liquor.
The major thrust of the New Value Streams effort is to convert woody biomass residuals and the spent cooking liquors of the kraft pulping process into synthetic gas (syngas), which in turn can be processed into fuels, chemicals, and/or power.
And that existing license belongs to Mark Foster, who closed his Party Store Liquors in Fayetteville on Feb.
But like others in the line that snaked out the door of Valencia Liquors on Wednesday, the $85 million jackpot was too hard to ignore.
The winning tickets were sold at Seacliff Plaza Store, 219 State Park Drive, in Aptos and at Kavanagh Liquors, 500 Via Mercado, in San Lorenzo.
According to historical records, as one of the most famous liquors in the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), Xifeng Liquor was exported abroad as early as in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 23 AD), becoming well-known overseas.
ADVANCING THE FOREST BIOREFINERY includes the areas of "Sustainable Forest Productivity", "Extracting Value Prior to Pulping" and "New Value from Residuals and Spent Pulping Liquors.
Shoplifters, who police believe are trying to pay for drug habits, have been stealing expensive brand liquors at supermarkets and selling them with no questions asked to liquor store owners, said Sgt.
Account-specific information from Yankee Spirits in Massachusetts, New Jersey-based Home Liquors, and Blanchard's in Massachusetts is now available through the service.
This paper summarizes some of the most comprehensive studies on corrosion of cooking liquors, but with only brief mention of the caustic stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel digesters.