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liquid courage

slang The decrease in timidity or inhibition that comes from imbibing alcoholic beverages. I'm planning on proposing to Mary tonight, but I think I need a little liquid courage first!
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liquid lunch

A lunchtime outing that consists of drinking alcoholic beverages instead of eating. Bob reprimanded his employees for having a liquid lunch and returning to work intoxicated.
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liquid refreshment

A beverage, especially one containing alcohol. We all decided to go for some liquid refreshments after the game.
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liquid lunch

a drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal. informal humorous
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liquid cork

n. a medicine that stops diarrhea. This liquid cork isn’t so bad if you get it good and cold before you take it.
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liquid laugh

n. vomit. If you drink much more, you’re gonna come out with a liquid laugh.
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liquid lunch

n. a lunch consisting of alcoholic drinks. Sounds like the boss had another liquid lunch again today.
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This is still an open question, partly because, as in valuing over-the-counter-traded options, there is a lack of liquidly traded longevity indexes or securities from which we can infer the market price of risk, a crucial element in the pricing process.
They also liquidly shaped the slow music, most notably when Claycomb floated the poignant "Piangero la sorte mia" while curled up on the floor in the fetal position.
Xnergy Financial, LLC , a FINRA registered broker dealer firm, services both public and private companies seeking both debt and equity capital to fund growth initiatives, acquisitions, buyouts, and shareholder liquidly.
According to liquidly traded market interest rate instruments, traders previously predicted that the Pound's short term rates would gain by at least 50 basis points through the medium term.
They originate and warehouse illiquid assets and exposures, allowing them in the aggregate to be liquidly traded in the form of company stock.
We have developed and are implementing a specific action plan to improve profitability and resolve our liquidly issue in the first half of 2010," Jalbert stated.
Given that interest rates markets are the most liquidly traded in the world, we can easily find dependable interest rate instruments that show us exactly where market expect currency yields to go through the short and medium term.
Our capital position is strong and liquidity liquidly remains adequate to meet anticipated needs.