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For serving up a big dollop of braggadocio spread over a couple of long, liquid lunches.
We hope to encourage seafood fine dining, but with that cosmopolitan city vibe encouraging professionals and couples to visit us for liquid lunches or cocktails after work.
I too enjoyed long liquid lunches with Charlie, who is jolly company.
He also got nothing but liquid lunches (and not the fun kind), drinking freshly made fruit and vegetable juices every day.
I assumed that liquid lunches would be a thing of the past.
Over the decades, Dallas has proved as intoxicating as some of Sue Ellen's liquid lunches, with audiences hooked from the day it arrived on screens in 1978.
The plot is loosely based on the story of Peter Pan but Tinkerbell is replaced with her farting alter ego Stinkerbell (Sally Reid), Wendy is West End Wendy - more Kelvinside than Kensington - and Mrs Darling is a lady who liquid lunches.
1970s provincial journalism was an education in real life, a rollercoaster ride of liquid lunches with thirsty contacts and equally thirsty hacks, daily deadlines, district offices, village correspondents, fetes, golden weddings, off-diary exclusives, the whole local newspaper experience.
The grape escape An important wine-producing area, many of the vineyards can be enjoyed with tours, tastings and liquid lunches, whether by bike or coach excursion.
Some times, when I was working in those halcyon days of journalism when two hour liquid lunches were essential to extract stories from council or police contacts, I was even been known to return to the office for a power nap, even though power naps had not then been invented.
It's the kind of nonsense spoken by business executives as they stagger out of liquid lunches at Simpson's in the Strand having toyed with a few lumpy things and a lot of libations for three hours at someone else's expense pretending that they were actually working.
Other tapes tell other stories: as a young trainee, I would drive a gang of my colleagues to endless shorthand lessons to the sound of the New York Dolls' cacophonous Personality Crisis and Dave Dudley's country trucking classic Six Days on the Road, stopping off for leisurely liquid lunches on the way back to the office.
LIQUID lunches may soon take on a new meaning for businesses in Liverpool when a Cheshire mother of triplets opens up a soup kitchen.
LIQUID lunches could soon get boozier thanks to a "smart" glass that signals when it needs to be topped up.
Post & Mail content editor Gary Denning, who worked with Mr Leighton for 30 years, said: "He was a passionate newspaper man from those golden days of hot metal, typewriters and liquid lunches.