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liquid courage

slang The decrease in timidity or inhibition that comes from imbibing alcoholic beverages. I'm planning on proposing to Mary tonight, but I think I need a little liquid courage first!
See also: courage, liquid

liquid lunch

A lunchtime outing that consists of drinking alcoholic beverages instead of eating. Bob reprimanded his employees for having a liquid lunch and returning to work intoxicated.
See also: liquid, lunch

liquid refreshment

Beverages, especially those containing alcohol, considered collectively. We all decided to go for some liquid refreshment after the game.
See also: liquid, refreshment

liquid lunch

a drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal. informal humorous
See also: liquid, lunch

liquid cork

n. a medicine that stops diarrhea. This liquid cork isn’t so bad if you get it good and cold before you take it.
See also: cork, liquid

liquid laugh

n. vomit. If you drink much more, you’re gonna come out with a liquid laugh.
See also: laugh, liquid

liquid lunch

n. a lunch consisting of alcoholic drinks. Sounds like the boss had another liquid lunch again today.
See also: liquid, lunch
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The Transportation Security Administration should continue banning all liquids and gels, The New York Times editorial board writes.
When central banks embark on tighter monetary policies or when geopolitical risk is on the rise, credit uncertainty increases and investors typically want to stay with more liquid securities and, thus, demand a higher yield for less-liquid products.
Dry liquids are low-dust powder-form preparations of liquid additives on inert mineral carriers.
Next, holding the bulb a few millimeters above the solution squeeze a stream of the liquid into the glass.
Mark vinyl stabilizers include solid and liquid mixed-metal types for clear and pigmented, flexible and semi-rigid PVC, and for plastisols, organosols, and vinyls.
Turbulence-damping drag reduction--at and beyond the point where the pulp and liquid curves intersect--is observed in both water and viscous suspensions, but its onset occurs at higher velocities for viscous suspensions at a given fiber consistency.
When the rod-shaped liquid crystal molecules are added, one end of each molecule attaches to an exposed carbon atom, resulting in the alignment of all the liquid crystal molecules in the direction of the rows.
Cold thick liquids are safer than hot thin liquids.
Specifically, the first rule mentioned does not apply to liquid assets held by an "investment company.
The solidified shell contracts at the rate dictated by the coefficient of thermal contraction for the solid, and the volume occupied by the liquid changes as a function of liquid contraction and solidification volume change, which additively are much greater.
A growing body of evidence even suggests that both everyday, familiar water and supercooled water are actually blends of two distinct liquid water forms that are never seen in their pure states.
An arm or paddle integrates liquid color into pellet or powder flow.
With the launch of the new software, Liquid Motors expands its service offerings to include taking professional photos (20 to 30 photos per vehicle) for the entire dealer's inventory, capturing vehicle information to improve the quality of the listings and printing and affixing window stickers.
Unlike the standard solid or liquid fuels used today, the Air Force material was part solid, part liquid.