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So he bowed his head and moistening his lips with his tongue, added, "except that the poor fellow is dead.
Presently I saw him raise her hand to his lips, while with her back to the room she continued to contemplate out of the window the bare and untidy garden.
The whites tried in vain to elicit an explanation from Tarzan; but to all their queries he but shook his head, a grim and knowing smile curving his lips.
The touch of those pure lips brought the man to himself.
Perhaps she touches with her lips its expanding chalice.
The disclosure of Mab's whereabouts trembled on Daylight's lips, but he forbore.
She had put her lips up to be kissed, but he wasn't going to kiss her.
His arm steals round her; he repeats his question in a whisper; his lips almost touch her little rosy ear as he says it again:
ONE pleasant day in the latter part of eternity, as the Shades of all the great writers were reposing upon beds of asphodel and moly in the Elysian fields, each happy in hearing from the lips of the others nothing but copious quotation from his own works (for so Jove had kindly bedeviled their ears), there came in among them with triumphant mien a Shade whom none knew.
Twice she opened her lips, and twice no sound came from them.
The lips moved under her fingers, and she answered, "Yes.
In that brief look Vronsky had time to notice the suppressed eagerness which played over her face, and flitted between the brilliant eyes and the faint smile that curved her red lips.
He did not look up to her, and she could see the roguish smile that curled on his lips.
The pallor had spread to her cheeks, even to her lips.
Over this lip, as over a slippery threshold, we now slide into the mouth.